3 Biggest Lifestyle Mistakes That Keep Business Owners Struggling from Fatigue


Throughout my 25 years as a Naturopath, I’ve observed that the main aspect that hinders a client’s progress towards wellness is a poor lifestyle. Since 1990, when I had a school of healing for over a decade, I’ve regularly encountered entrepreneurs, and business owners complaining about their constant struggle to become healthier, motivated and happy in life. Their poor lifestyle made them struggle from long-term fatigue.

I’ve successfully facilitated thousands of people to improve their way of life, throughout the east coast of Australia, in seminars from Cairns to Melbourne. Many of them were entrepreneurs and business owners who have observed much improvement in many areas of their life after dealing with their lifestyle mistakes. What are these lifestyle mistakes anyway?

The first lifestyle mistake is literally, the way you live.

Mistake #1: The Way You Live

Your lifestyle is the way that you live; it’s what you do most of the time, most days that makes a difference in your life. Sadly, so many people are too busy nowadays and entrenched in their occupational duties to enjoy their lifestyle, especially if you are self-employed, a business owner or a professional. As a result of today’s hectic pace, many are suffering from stress, pain and fatigue. Unfortunately, so often because of many of your everyday habits being dysfunctional.

Interestingly, however, much of your daily habits can become hidden from you. It may be, as an example of what choices that you make, how you eat, who you spend time with, what you do and what you don’t do. It may be those disguised aspects about your mindset, attitudes, habits and behaviour that covertly sabotage your success in life. Your first step to improving your lifestyle is to become more conscious of what you habitually do each day.

Take note of at least 10 things that you do habitually each day that doesn’t necessarily benefit you.

business owners lifestyle mistakes alternative medicine practitioner brisbane

Write down 10 things that do not benefit you and 10 things you like to improve.

The second mistake that leads to poor lifestyle is resistance to change.

Mistake #2: Resistance to Change

I’ve found that whilst many are keen to be healthy; many are also resistant to change their ways. From my experience, it seems that many lack a true appreciation about what really influences their health. Take time now to write down at least 10 things that you can be grateful for your health status.

Then, endeavour to note 10 things that you’d like to improve.

Maybe, consider such areas as being too distracted, being addicted to your mobile phone, maybe watching too much TV, too much food, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or other habits such as unnecessarily creating some sort of drama.

Last but not the least among the three lifestyle mistakes is poor quality of life.

Mistake #3: Poor Quality of life

To enhance your wellbeing, you need to enrich the quality of your life. So many people nowadays are suffering unconscious ‘resistance and reaction’ patterns to the various challenges in their life. It may be said that unresolved resistance and reaction are the major cause of your problems in life. To help handle resistance and reaction, you need to consciously find the best solution to these challenges. First, you need to clearly define the problem. So often merely by clearly defining the problem, you can make it much easier to find suitable solutions. Then, the next step is to apply these solutions into your lifestyle in an integrated way. Simply, by resolving challenges in an integrated way will help to improve the quality of your life.

But you won’t let poor lifestyle manipulate the life and health that you deserve, would you? So find out how to improve your lifestyle and become healthier.

Now that you knew what’s pulling you towards poor lifestyle and what’s keeping you from achieving your maximum health potential, you need to take an action to reverse your direction.

Here are two effective ways that you may use:

1. Find, Ignite and Boost your Mojo

Sadly many people are not following their passion. They’re not excited or ‘fired up’ about engaging in the adventures of their day. To become more alive, we need to restore enthusiasm, passion and joy back to living. Take some time now to reflect upon your journey throughout life and ask; how much good quality time do you enjoy in activities that bring you pleasure?

Many people are spending too much time doing the things that they dislike, and then don’t have enough time to engage in those things that brings them greater pleasure. How much time do you allow yourself to do what you truly love? Ask, how you can bring more passion in your life.

What else can you do? Learn and follow the conscious creation process!

2. Follow The Simple Four-Step Conscious Creation Process

To create change from a mundane existence of enduring stress, pain and fatigue to a enjoying a lifestyle of more love and laughter can be a simple and easy process. Here is what I call the essential ‘Çonscious Creation’ 4-step process.

4-Step process alternative medicine practitioner brisbaneStep 1: Assessment

Identify and measure the various effects of your stress, pain & fatigue. Simply take a pen and paper now and write the results down as a percentage. We may see these effects in many ways, such as stiff neck and shoulders, aches and pain throughout the body and feeling heavy, lethargic or run-down. Maybe, you can observe how you do not want to get engaged in those daily activities quite as enthusiastically as you once did. Essentially, what you see here are merely the signs and symptoms of your various resistance and reaction patterns to the major challenges in your life.

The second step is seeks solutions.

Step 2: Seek Solutions

Within every problem, there is also a solution waiting to be found. Take a pen and paper now to ‘brainstorm’ possible solutions that could help to make things better. Realise how these solutions could open up new opportunities for you.

Then, you need to implement…

Step 3: Implementation

It’s said that if nothing changes, everything will stay the same. Action changes things. In this step, write down a schedule of prioritised tasks to be completed to apply the solutions to your lifestyle an integrated way.

And lastly, you need to evaluate.

Step 4: Evaluation

In here, you simply monitor the feedback from yourself and others on how well the changes have been improving the quality of your life. Use this evaluation to refine the four-step process to continue to improve your lifestyle.

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