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How Fear Can Affect Your Kidney Health

Most of us may not be aware that once we are having difficulties in letting go of negative past emotions, our kidneys can be affected and may develop kidney disease symptoms. This is especially true if past emotions are not recognized and even suppressed. The main function of this organ is waste removal. The kidney […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Laugh More

“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.” ― Robert Frost When was the last time that you laughed until your tummy hurt or your eyes became teary while you laughed aloud? If you say that it happens everyday, that’s good news! However, if you rarely laugh that much, you should start finding ways to […]

Top 3 Causes Why You Are Craving More Sugar

What foods are you craving today? For sure, you can name a couple or more right now! Cravings are not just in your mind. It is real, which is why you need to figure out the causes and address them accordingly. Why? It’s because frequent food craving is one of the culprits why you’re overeating, […]

Keep Your Brain Alive: 6 Easy Tips for Improving Your Memory

“Use it or lose it,” is the simple principle that explains how your memory deteriorates over time. However, many factors, as you go through the ageing process, make everything even more complicated. Your diet, hormones, sleeping habit, lifestyle and other health practices contribute to the progress of your memory problems that’s primarily caused by your […]

EMF Safety: Health Effects of MRI Scans

Since being introduced in 1974, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has become an important medical diagnostic tool. Even though MRI does not use any dangerous radiation like X-rays, it uses a magnetic field that is about 10,000 times stronger than that of the earth. Some experts see a potential threat to EMF safety in this, especially […]

Flush Out Body Toxins Through Rebounding Exercise

Our Life Force is activated by our lymphatic system. The Lymphatic system is the foundation of the immune, digestive, cleansing and communication systems of the body. The Lymphatic system controls the body’s energy (information) circuits for enzymes and regeneration. Physiologist Dr. Arthur Guyton says, “[With] no movement, you will die within 24 hours.”