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6 Do-It-Yourself Solutions to Say Bye to Your Eye Bags!

Are you wondering why your restful sleep has not worked well to remedy your eye bags? It’s because there is less significance between sleep deprivation and eye bag formation. Most of the time, you might have failed to identify the real cause of your eye bags that keep you struggling from regaining your youthful and […]

5 Tips To Significantly Lower Your Heart Attack Risk

When you have a high blood pressure problem, and you suddenly feel chest pain, do you panic and worry that it could have been a heart attack? A heart attack is one of the scariest things that could happen to someone who has hypertension (high blood pressure). Besides, most heart attacks without medical intervention can […]

3 Tips Every Mother Needs To Know To Protect Their Kids From Hidden Toxins

What’s the number one health threat today? Research shows it’s still the hidden toxins from plasticisers, namely BPA and phthalates, because we can’t avoid them. Plasticizers leak out gas from plastic food containers directly into your food. However, plastic food containers aren’t their only source. Today, plasticisers are everywhere – in medications, dental repair materials, […]