Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Impact on Physical Health

The hidden impact of your childhood on your health right now…

Most of us are not aware how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can have powerful and lasting impacts on adult health. These experiences include physical, emotional and mental traumas, as well as persistent, low-grade exposure to stress and unhappiness during childhood. In later years, acute and chronic physical illnesses become apparent – in a cluster of common symptoms that can be directly linked back to early childhood trauma. So, how does this happen? Read more


5 Ways to Maintain Healthy Habits During the Holiday Season

Nobody wants to get sick during the holidays, but why does it happen so often? It could be because the great habits that you have worked so hard to keep up during the year get thrown out during the ‘silly season’ – and this ends up compromising your immune system. And then – guess what – you end up feeling unwell and need to spend some of your well-earned holiday break nursing yourself back to health.

I don’t want that for you – and I bet you don’t either, so let’s look at some key habits that you really, really, really want to keep doing over the Christmas break so you can remain as healthy as possible. Read more


Empowering Health Tips for the Month October 2016

Being healthy, becoming healthy and staying healthy is a choice. You choose your way of living, you choose what you eat, you choose how often you exercise, you choose how many hours you sleep, you choose your beliefs and practices…

Being in control of your health empowers you, but there are some choices that are doing you more harm than being beneficial. Sometimes, you need guidance to keep you on the right track of your health journey. So, we want you to know that our health experts got your back! Read more


Is Supercharging Your Blood The Answer For A Quicker Health Recovery?

What if I told you that I have finally encountered the medical technology designed to speed up health recovery by super-saturating your blood with life-giving and health-healing oxygen? I’ve personally experienced the benefits of this technology, which supercharges the blood to get better… quicker!

After my personal experience, I have thought about how this new medical technology can help my patients who are struggling with chronic health conditions involving inflammation and infection, as well as those who want to boost their immune and brain function. Read more


5 Ways to Balance Your Immune System

Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus (SLE), Psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis are just a few of the 80 types of autoimmune diseases that affect the Australian population. When we talk about an “autoimmune disease,” it means you have a condition related to an over-reactive immune system. In other words, your immune function is out of balance and attacking your own body tissues resulting in pain, swelling and many other symptoms depending on which areas of the body are affected.

In this article, I’ll share with you some facts about your immune system, why it may attack your body and five tips to calm this system down when it’s over-reacting. Read more


5 Surprising Ways to Maintain Healthy Gums

Did you know that 22.9 percent of the Australian population is suffering from moderate to severe gum disease according to the Department of Health? Moreover, gum disease is more prevalent in older generations than the younger ones. We should keep in mind that mouth care is not just about your teeth alignment or your killer smile, but it includes healthy gums as well!

In this article, I’ll share with you the indicators to determine if your gums are healthy or not, the possible health complications Read more


5 Biggest Mistakes that Increases Your Risk for Anemia

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 760,000 Australians who are 18 years old and over were at risk of having anemia. The data also revealed that the risk for anemia is higher in women than in men.

In this article, I will share with you facts about anemia in women and the five biggest mistakes that you should avoid to keep you from having this blood disorder. Read more


4 Ways to Ease Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms Naturally

Fibromyalgia can make you suffer for a long time from the agonising pain it causes. The majority of the affected individuals rely solely on painkiller medications to relieve their fibromyalgia symptoms, particularly pain. However, long-term use of painkillers exposes you to many side effects. Many of those pain relievers in your medicine cabinet can cause stomach ulcers, anemia secondary to persistent ulcer bleeding, liver damage, kidney problems, miscarriage, and more severe conditions such as internal bleeding within your stomach or intestine, and stomach perforation (hole) when used extensively. Read more

How to Prevent the 3 Most Common Illnesses From Spoiling Your Christmas Holiday!

There are many heat-related illnesses that might send you on an emergency hospital trip this holiday!

As cited by the ABC News in their interview with Lucinda Coates, a risk scientist in Macquarie University, more deaths in Australia are due to extremely hot weather than from other natural hazards and disease epidemics.

The holiday season, which falls in the summer, is coming and you don’t want any illness to ruin the celebration, right? So watch out Read more