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mung beans

Recipe: A Healthy Sweet Treat – Mung Beans Cake

Did you know that Mung beans are rich in protein, vitamin C, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, thiamine, cooper, manganese, folic acid, high in fiber, low in saturated fat, low in sodium and contain no cholesterol? The wide range of nutrients contained in Mung beans provide a lot of health benefits for your immune system, heart, metabolism, cell growth, and protection of free radicals and diseases such as Read more

flu symptoms

5 Super Foods To Speed Up Your Recovery from Flu

Are flu symptoms disrupting your daily activities? Is it taking a long time to recover? Flu, or influenza infection, is seasonal. However, flu viruses and other pathogens such as bacteria are everywhere in our surroundings even if it’s not flu season. They are just waiting for the right timing to infect you, and that is when you are caught off-guard- when you’re stressed out and when your immune system is too weak to fight back. Hence, you are vulnerable to flu infection anytime! Read more