5 Tips to Detoxify Naturally

We live in a highly polluted world where we are exposed to a wide range of environmental toxins, an array of manmade drugs and chemicals, plus 5,000-10,000 naturally occurring chemicals that are ingested through the diet.

Some examples of toxins we are exposed to on a regular basis through our environment, food and pharmaceutical drugs include heavy metals, petrochemicals, solvents, pesticides, food additives, bacteria and fungi.

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4 Key Secrets to Effectively Detox Yourself This Spring

And The One Key Supplement I Recommend That Everyone Take To Help!

Did you know that you could detoxify your home, emotions and even relationship? Detox is not just purely physical cleansing only…

Every week I treat patients who need to detox – make their homes, bodies and lives cleaner and more able to take on the world around them. Well, today let me talk to you about the four most important secrets that I know, which will make all the difference to you as you detox. And let’s face it – there’s no time like Spring to clean everything out and make a fresh start – in your life – and in your health. Read more

home remedies for allergies

14 Effective Home Remedies to Control Indoor Allergens

You step inside your house and the symptoms hit – itchy, watery eyes, congestion, a drippy nose with watery discharge and sneezing. Could it be due to indoor allergens?How is the air quality of your home?

Nowadays, millions of people have certain sensitivities to everything, from pet danders and dust to the mites and pollen. The secret to winning your battle against sensitivities and allergens is to recognise you have them and identify the trigger. Read more


Decluttering Your Home – Where to Start?

Nutritional Detox Program Charity Bike Ride

In just over a week, I will be embarking on my 500km charity bike ride in Thailand for the orphaned kids. So far, our combined fund raising efforts have raised over $8500 towards building a new orphanage! I want to personally thank each and everyone who gave generously and helped me in this fund raising. I learnt so much, stretching myself way beyond my comfort zone for a cause greater than myself. It has been a huge effort but very rewarding! I will be giving you updates, insights and pics from the journey 🙂  Read more