dr. dzung price

Dr. Zung Rosita Vu (Dzung Price)

Integrative Medical Practitioner
Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist
Dip Fam Planning

Dr. Zung Vu is a holistic medical practitioner with additional qualifications in nutritional and environmental medicine, herbal medicine, Anti-aging medicine, Acupuncture, Energy Medicine and Biomesotherapy. She is the principal health practitioner of Beyond Good Health and practices at the Robina clinic only.

She utilises the combined resources of her talented team, a comprehensive array of healing modalities, cutting edge medical technology, and self-empowerment solutions to provide optimal health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Zung’s special interests include anti-aging medicine, bio-identical hormones, adrenal and thyroid dysfunction, emotional health and substances sensitivity and reactions education. With her 17 years of experience treating chronically ill patients, she knows that many chronic medical conditions and autoimmune diseases are underlain by hidden substances’ reactions and sensitivities.

Dr. Zung Vu is intent on providing self empowering tools and education to help people take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

I help people struggling from chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions and those who have lost all hope of getting better by uncovering the root causes and navigate a self-care and self-empowerment path so they can regain invincible wellbeing.

~ Dr. Zung Rosita Vu (Dzung Price)

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For more information on what Dr. Zung Vu can do for your health journey, please contact Beyond Good Health Holistic Medical Clinic on  1300 853 006