“Chronic Lower back Pain…Released!”

“Severe Anger, High Blood Pressure, Hot Flushes, Skin flakiness & Inflammation – Amazingly Cleared!”

“I’m Penelope D.. I’m an NLP Master practitioner and I was referred to Bojan for a specific chronic lower back problem. I’ve come to see Bojan for probably 3 or 4 sessions and I have found Bojan’s treatments to be extremely effective. I have suffered from lower back pains for 18 long months with agonising constants and consistent lower back pains. It has really interfered with the quality of my life and my sleep. I have gone from practitioner to practitioner to practitioner and have not been able to find an answer to this…..”

“Hi, my name is Astrid Kennedy, I came to see Dr Price in September 06, I had severe anger, high blood pressure, I was suffering from Hot Flushes and I had a very bad or rather, an intense Skin Inflammation which I was suffering for years. During the last 6-7 months, I have been treated for a number of sensitivities which I didn’t know I had, my blood pressure reduced dramatically, it is now normal. My skin issues has amazingly cleared. My anger has just about disappeared, I’m now living a much more stress-free life, I have more energy, my thinking is clearer and I can handle situations as they come instead of building walls before the situations happen. I recommend this Clinic to those who are suffering from these symptoms.”

Astrid K., Gold Coast

“Ex Stroke Victim Discards Walking Stick, Is Able To Drive Again & Has Energy To Burn!”

“I’ve not only lost 10kgs, I’m no longer lethargic & irritible & the programme wasn’t difficult to follow at all!”

How I look and feel now compared to when I started is like chalk and cheese! Now I’ve lost 10 kilos, I can’t believe how I got around feeling so clogged, lethargic and frustrated and now I’ve got energy to burn. This really is the fast track to getting healthy.

Murray Priestley, Benowa, Gold Coast

“Severely Tired, Toxic & Hormonal – A 100% Improvement!”


Sharon W., QLD, Australia Ashgrove Clinic“Hi, My name is Sharon Wolfe and I am 51yrs old. I can highly recommend the treatments and the valuable help I received from Dr Price at Beyond Good Health. My health and my faith in doctors were at an all-time low. I was a tired, toxic woman and was in a total hormonal mess, but with all the treatments and educations I have received, my life and my personal power are back 100%, so I say “thank you Dr Price”!”

Sharon W., QLD, Australia Ashgrove Clinic

“A Total Life Turn Around! Energy, Libido & Love Life Go From Zero – Ten!”

David W., QLD Robina ClinicWhen I first came to Dr Price in March 2004, I was suffering from long standing low moods and was on medication for it for over 7 years and had gradually increased the required dosage to the maximum level. I was like a zombie. My energy was very low, and I virtually had no libido or enthusiasm for life.

After starting on a nature based hormone replacement programme which addressed my low testosterone, high estrogen and low growth hormone levels and improved my cellular health with the right nutrition, and nutraceuticals, I quickly started to see results. The most tangible evidence of my increased energy levels was in relation to a power walking fitness exercise programme I used to attend most weekday mornings.

This program had circles with flags at intervals, the idea being you had to complete the circle by keeping up with the timed beeps at each flag. As you got fitter you could gradually move out to a wider circle.

For years I had been trying to get beyond the 39 metre circle without any success in fact mostly having to drop back to the 38 metre circle. I was absolutely amazed when one morning after I had been on Dr Price’s program for a couple of months I was suddenly able to walk at the 40 Metre Circle with only the same effort that I had previously expended to walk at the 38 Metres Circle. What is more after a month or so I was even able to move to the 41 Metres Circle.

I couldn’t believe it! It was a real defining moment. I was so excited! I felt better in so many other ways, but this could all be put down to psychological imagination, here I had concrete evidence of a change in my physiology.

I felt so much better that I was soon able to gradually reduce and finally, to stop my medications, and become assertive enough to deal with my unhappy home situation that I had procrastinated about for over 10 years.

I commenced some emotional work with Dr Price to clear out limiting beliefs and past stuck emotional issues with my wife that have held me back for years. I feel so much freer. We did some sensitivities program appointments and worked on improving my cellular health. Now, I feel so different, a dramatic change to the man I was just a few short years ago.

I feel alive, energized and invigorated. I feel contented and happy. I feel an enthusiasm for my job whereas previously I had had to push myself to get started each morning. And although I have reached retirement age I am quite happy to keep working for some time to come yet. I feel so much more confident in my social life and found it so much easier to attract a new partner.

Previously I had absolutely dreaded getting back on the social scene but suddenly it was fun. My libido has never been better. My love life has never been better. I am planning a honeymoon vacation in Europe soon. It is very hard for me to reconcile my chronological years with the age that I feel. Life is wonderful. Life is exciting! I would highly recommend this journey. It has transformed my life.”

David W., QLD Robina Clinic

“Skin Rashes, Chronic Diarhoe & Fatigue Completely Vanish!”

Dianne S. Gold CoastHi my name is Dianne, I’m 61 years old. I was very fortunate to win a treatment with Dr Price in August this year. About 4 months have gone by since then but when I started I was really tired, I had a wheat sensitivity and had been living gluten free for some time. I had skin rashes on my legs which wasn’t very pleasant.

When I ate wheat I would bloat up and have terrible cramps after eating. I had bad diarrhea for maybe 18 months at that stage. Since I’ve been coming here,( it seems like a long journey) we’ve covered quite a bit of distance. Now today I can say that the diarrhea has really improved. My sensitivities have been treated, along with a parasite that I had. I have to say I feel better in myself. My skin is better. I feel my legs are great. EVERYTHING is better. No trace of rashes.

I have been very very pleased with the treatment I’ve got from Dr Price. I think she is very understanding and helpful. And I think she has a very wide range of skills that she employs. I’ve had acupuncture, different supplements, different treatments and I’m really very happy with Dr Price and the way she has treated me. Dianne

Dianne S. Gold Coast

“PMS, Hormonal Moods Swings – Abolished!”

My initial symptoms were severe PMS, hormonal symptoms, bloated, prolonged periods, tiredness and very moody and cranky. Especially before my periods, I have suffered from these all of my life. I thought it was just part of being a woman and I had to put up with this. It was pointed out to me that women don’t have to live like this all the time.

After seeing Dr Price initially, within weeks, I started to see a marked improvement. After 10 months of treatment with various alternative therapies, the sensitivities program and the hormonal balancing program, there was a huge change in myself. I was no longer moody due to my PMS. My hormones were starting to be at levels where they should be.

My periods went from 6 days of heavy bleeding down to 3. I was feeling 100% better. My energy and wellbeing are at an all time high. My overall health has improved dramatically! I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Price [from Beyond Good Health] to any of my friends. Just be prepared to be patient. Things won’t happen immediately but they will definitely improve.

Angela C., Brisbane

General Wellness


Betty W., Brisbane“My name is Betty Walter, and I am 79 years old, Since 1996 I have been suffering from severe diminished Bone density, breaking my bones very easily just by bending down suddenly or even blow drying my hair. I have even crushed 5 vertebrae at once and I have been having reactions to nearly all medications that doctors and specialists have prescribed.

I heard about Dr Price through my daughter and I came to Dr Price about 4 years ago and in that time, there has been such a very marked improvement in my health. For many years I was on a very high dose of steroid medication, Prednisone 40mg, because of a condition of Polymyalgia rheumatica, breaking down the dose myself to about 20mg by the time I saw Dr Price. Through her programme, she was able to wean me down on the dose of the Prednisone gradually and now I am completely off the Prednisone medication. I have not suffered from any more broken bones now for over 18 months.

I suffered from Polymyalgia Rheumatica previously (hence was placed on long term prednisone) with severe pain and weakness in my shoulders, joints and muscles and again I am now completely off all medications that I had severe side effects to. There is also no sign of Polymyalgia anymore. My digestion is much improved. My whole well-being and energy is so much better. I am delighted that I am feeling so much better. I feel better in myself, happy with myself and feel I would recommend anyone to see Dr Price. She has been such a wonderful support to me.

Betty W., Brisbane

“Over 15 Years Of Chronic Gastric Reflux, Sinus Headaches & Low Moods Totally Disappear!”

Bruce W., Gold CoastMy name is Bruce Walsh, I am an engineer. I came to see Dr Price in the Beyond Good Health Clinic because for over 15 years, I really had a really bad gastric reflux, sinus headaches every day, really bad pain in the eyes, itching in the eyes all the time for over 20 years and was terribly constipated, with really low low energy levels and feeling really low about myself.

One year later, the results have been amazing! I am jumping out of my skin, full of energy and the transition didn’t really take very long at all. I went through her treatments for a few months in the first instance and that made a real difference to my life! The herbal treatments have helped in sustaining better energy levels and I feel more positive generally.

The Sensitivities program have resolved my sensitivities so that I have no sinus [problems], no headaches and no reflux! Then I continued on with sessions on resolving emotional issues with Dr Price and just lately, I am doing the Neuro Link Program and I feel terrific and I recommend this to everybody. I am now in my early 50’s and I have put up with very very bad health since my early 40’s and what I would say is…. that every guy should try and address their health issues here and really make a difference to their life

Bruce W., Gold Coast

“Husband Over The Moon! “Cranky Old Witch” Becomes, Loving, Easy Going Wife Without The Sleep, Energy & Diabetic Problems Of The Past”

Marilyn P., Gold Coast“My name is Marilyn Purnell and I am 57 years of age, and I came to Dr Price at the Beyond Good Health Clinic feeling very low. In fact, I was very low [mood], I was lacking energy, I was having incredibly sleepless nights and I couldn’t understand why because I was diagnosed with Diabetes two years ago and I have been on the most incredibly healthy diet and yet I was still lacking in energy and feeling so down. I came to the Beyond Good Health Clinic and was so relieved to be talking to a doctor who was taking a holistic approach instead of just dealing with sleeplessness with a sleeping pill or my low moods with medication.

So it was a great comfort that at last I found someone that would take a holistic approach on my health. I was then referred to her Naturopath, Jo who went through a series of sensitivities assessment and program because I was found to react to many of these wonderful foods that I was eating. Here I was eating all my green leafy vegetables, lovely hormone-free chickens and meats and my system was treating them like they were a toxin. So after a couple of sessions with Jo, my sensitivities and food reactions were reprogrammed and all my nutritious foods and efforts were going to good use in my body, making me feel fantastic.

So I basically went from 1 to 10 with low moods to a feeling of wellbeing. My energy levels went from 0 to 4 within 2 days, then 5, then 6 and so on… and I have really just leveled off to this wonderful state of well being. My sleep patterns have improved out of sight, my energy levels have returned, my husband is incredibly happy because I am no longer this grouchy, cranky old witch and I just wake up every morning feeling “Wow, this is a great day and I am going to enjoy it” whereas before I would wake up thinking, “Oh my God, I am still here”. So I would thoroughly recommend the Beyond Good Health Clinic and their staff and I really feel that it has transformed my life.”

Marilyn P., Gold Coast

“Severe Tiredness & Miagraines All But Gone!”

“I was able to sail smoothly through the protocols; resulting in considerable weight loss, increased energy levels, and much improved body health. I lost 15kgs quickly and easily.I recommend this program to anyone who seriously wants to regain good health, fat loss, and self-esteem!”

Julie, Gold Coast

“Within 1 week I was off insulin injections, my blood sugar levels just kept dropping & I lost about 20kilos without even trying!”

Lucille Gradwell, Caboolture, QLD , Ashgrove Clinic“My name is Lucille, and I live in Caboolture. When I first came to see Dr Price, I was a very bad diabetic, I was recently increased up to 70 units of insulin a day with my two diabetic medications as well three times a day. I felt that I was gaining more and more weight, blowing up like a balloon, no matter what I did. After I had seen Dr Price, within one week, I was off my Insulin injections. I had hidden sensitivities to many foods, including sugar and insulin.

I followed the programme that she gave me to follow and with the right nutrition, sensitivities reprogramming, emotional support, my sugar levels just kept dropping consistently, and I lost weight and felt so much better in myself with a few months. In fact, the weight just fell off me – I didn’t even have to try, and my health and energy overall has so much improved. I lost about 20kgs without trying. I can recommend Dr Price and her team highly. It has changed my life incredibly. I feel so much better. I do a lot of crafts, make lots of quilts and NOW I have got the energy for making quilts now. I am very grateful.”

Lucille Gradwell, Caboolture, QLD , Ashgrove Clinic

“Successfully Treated All My Illnesses – Stomach Cramps, Stress, Low Moods & Headaches”

Kathlyn Hemingway, Indooroopilly Ashgrove Clinic“Hi, I am Kathy, I have been coming to this Clinic on and off for 2 years for a few problems and for maintenance, but this year I had everything, you name it, I had it.

I had really painful stomach spasms, couldn’t sleep, stressed moody, period problems, and headaches. Through the help of the centre here, I have actually given up smoking, my stomach pains have cleared up, I have got more energy and I am feeling a lot better. Although I still have a bit of way to go, I have gotten rid of a lot of initial problems and now I am going onto the next step – a maintenance wellness program.

I really have seen a huge difference whereas, at the beginning of the year, I was severely low [mood] because of all my health problems. And I was trying to rectify them all by myself but nothing was working. So through the team, I have had the Biofast Sensitivities Program, nutritional treatments, herbal medicines, detoxification programme which have really helped me so much. I can’t believe that I am at this great stage, considering that at the beginning of the year, I was ready to lie down and forget about everything – it was all too hard due to all my health problems. I feel heaps better and brighter now. So I highly recommend these treatments.”

Kathlyn Hemingway, Indooroopilly Ashgrove Clinic

“I can now EAT WHAT I LIKE and really enjoy being able to eat out at restaurants again!”

Trish Collins“My name is Trish Collins. When I first came to the Beyond Good Health clinic in May 2004, I was suffering from chronic fatigue, aches and pain (arthritis), forgetfulness/cloudy foggy head, difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings, abdominal pains with most foods and lack of motivation to exercise. I was feeling as though working full-time was too much and I would either have to retire early or cut back to part-time work.

I could barely eat any solid foods and my diet was extremely limited, restricted to pureed vegetables, as I was reacting to most foods with gut ache and constant diarrhoea. I was even reacting to I also suffered from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis for many years and hair analysis revealed high levels of heavy metal toxicity.

I commenced the treatment programme with Dr Price which involved quite a degree of commitment and perseverance but I was determined and it was so worth it! With the Sensitivities Program and supportive natural treatments, I gradually was able to introduce more variety of foods to my diet and I noticed a huge improvement in energy levels and a significant reduction in my joint pains, and the foggy in my head disappeared. After 12 months, my thyroid antibodies have reduced from over 2000 to 500. My heavy metal load have significantly reduced. I can now EAT WHAT I LIKE and really enjoy being able to eat out at restaurants again, without suffering from constant diarrhoea, vomitting and abdominal pains. My biggest breakthrough came after attending Dr Price’s Emotional Freedom workshop and learning to empower myself with tools to assist me in reprogramming my past emotional issues and releasing emotional blockages.

An immensely improved health and emotional wellbeing has greatly assisted me in my intimate relationship with my long suffering husband of 25 years! With Dr Price and the Beyond Good Health team, I have taken part in natural therapies and Natural Hormone treatments, Sensitivities Program, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Neurological Integration System (NIS). I now feel the best I have felt for over 10 years. I am pain free, active and working full-time with zest for life. My memory and brain function is so improved. I am clear headed and functioning well. I now have regained my energy to enjoy life. I am very very grateful. Trish Collins Nerang, QLD Please email me if you wish to discuss my success journey & experience Trc82@bigpond.net.au

Trish Collins

“I Travel 2 hrs Up & 2 Hrs Back…These Treatments Are Totally Worth It. Thank you!

Margaret“I am Margaret and I have been coming here to see Dr Price for nearly 1 year now. It takes me two hours to come and I come because I know that I am getting better and better. The Low Moods I was suffering from has now lifted. I am responding well to all the treatments here….the natural hormones, natural therapies and Sensitivities Program…. and I do like it. It is wholesome and I believe in it and I think that is important to believe in it. And the pain of my arthritis is now under control and that makes me happy. I have become more flexible and more energetic by exercising. I have learned to change my diet and my thinking patterns. I can really recommend these treatments. It is worthwhile coming here 2 hours up and 2 hours back. Thank you!”