Biological Age: Do You Think You’re 38? Perhaps You’re Already 61!

A scientific team tested around a thousand 38-year-olds and found that some people are as fit as if they were 10 years younger while others seem to have body conditions of seniors. How can this be?

Wrinkles and grey hair are clear signs that a person is no longer young. But even then, many older people are still jogging while some are no longer able to do that. The biological age of a person varies, and this is surprisingly happening at a young age. “If we want to avoid specific age-related diseases, we need to study the aging process of young people”, says Dan Belsky of the Duke University. Read more


How Women in Their 40s Can Reverse the Signs of Premature Aging Without Surgery

Wrinkled and dried skin, graying hair, age spots, painful joints, fat belly, irritability, weak immunity, decreasing muscle mass, tone and strength, memory problems…

Are these signs and symptoms of aging creeping up earlier than you expected? Have you been wondering why you are aging faster than other women your age? Did you know that you have the ability to reverse the signs of premature aging without surgery? Read more