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Hi, I’m writing to you to talk to you about some very important changes I’m making in the way that I run my medical practice.

These changes will impact on the way in which I care for you, as well as my availability, so I wanted to write to you directly.

Reduced Clinical Hours

I have been working as a doctor for over 30 years. It has been exhilarating, challenging, extremely rewarding — and also very tiring. I have had fun pioneering new innovative ways of healing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and exploring the latest in healing technologies and modalities. I have had the amazing opportunity of caring and supporting the health of tens of thousands of wonderful patients like you – and it’s been the greatest blessing of my life.

But I also need a break… During the COVID-19 pandemic, I took time out to reflect deeply on the meaning and purpose of my life and my priorities. I hope you did too.

I always want to give you my very best and be on the top of my game every time I have a consultation. To be able to do that for the next few decades, I need to take some time off and re-calibrate my own life. I need time to do some deep soul searching, explore some other professional interests, consciousness exploration and focus on my own personal development so that I can always be at my best for you.

So, to help me do this, I’ve decided to reduce the number of hours I spend in the clinic for the time being. I know that this will make it harder for you to see me in the short term, but I promise that you will continue to get all the help that you need from the amazing practitioners at Beyond Good Health that you’ve always had. You will also meet our latest member, experienced integrative doctor Dr Daniel Ho who can service all your medical needs as he has recently joined our team from Sydney. As a medical team, he and I are very aligned and share the same values. I will still be here to support you and guide you — just not as frequently as before.

And once I’m refreshed again and able to give you my all, you’ll see me back perhaps in a new and innovative ways.

Move to more Online Consultations

Over this year in particular, I’ve been exploring with a group of key patients the prospect of running an online clinic. I know that it takes time for you to drive to the clinic, wait to see me, and then drive home. I know that your time is precious to you. So, I’ve been experimenting to see if the amazing effects we’ve been able to achieve in clinic consultations are also able to be achieved in an online format.  

Not only have I and my patients been pleasantly surprised with what we’ve been able to achieve together, in many ways using an online consultation format has been superior to attending clinic.

Save Money and Time. Firstly, you save a lot of time (and money) driving to, waiting at, and driving home from the clinic — many of my patients have told me that they’ve been saving 2 – 3 hours for each appointment.

Increased Flexibility. Secondly, you have increased flexibility because you can have an appointment with me wherever you may be — on holidays, at home, overseas, in Australia — no need to carve out a big chunk of your day to allocate to coming to clinic.

Because of the really surprising results I’ve been getting with online consultations, and because it saves you money and time, and reduces your stress levels, I’ve decided to move the vast majority of my clinic consultations to online. It’s simple, fun and easy. So, I look forward to having my next appointment with you online.

Moving Outside Medicare

You may be aware that my approach to healing is very different from other doctors you’ve gone to — even other integrative doctors. This is because I always aim to achieve the greatest positive impact on your health as quickly as possible (my motto is ‘get you better, faster…). To do this, I often need to look beyond what others have explored — into areas that are to do with your emotions, your spirit, your past and even your purpose in life. To fully practice in my integrity in a way that allows me to feel relaxed, authentic and be able to explore the limits of what is possible in healing without the stress and scrutiny of regulatory bodies, I have decided that I need to move my practice outside of the Medicare system, which has been designed for conventional medical issues.

So, with effect immediately, I will no longer be offering consultations within the Medicare system. For you, unfortunately this means that you will no longer receive a Medicare Rebate for your consultations with me. I know that Medicare rebates help you with your family’s budget, and I know that many of us are struggling financially at present. However, I can no longer afford to risk my peace of mind to continue operating under the scrutiny of the medical system and regulatory bodies that I am no longer aligned with. In these circumstances, I can only encourage you to see Dr Daniel Ho instead if your needs fall within the Medicare system and guidelines.

And I want to help you…help you get better, faster — without extra financial stress…So I have decided that if you choose to continue to see me personally, I will offer the use of my latest technology, the Timewaver Med Scans (valued at $150) for only a $50 additional charge if it is performed during your consult with me (an extra saving of $100).

Thank you

I love serving you.

I love working with you to solve your health problems.

I love seeing your health change in powerfully positive ways.

I respect the bravery of many of my patients who face extremely challenging health issues.

You are my heroes.

I thank you for inspiring me, and for trusting me with the most precious gift you have in this life — your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your loved ones.

I look forward to continuing to working with you so that you can get better, faster — so you too can experience the true joy that comes from superlative wellbeing.

Yours in health
Dr Price
Integrative & Holistic Doctor, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

Contact us:
Beyond Good Health Brisbane
Address: 600 Glades Drive, Robina QLD 4226
Phone:(07) 5522 8902

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