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Have you ever felt like you really needed help with your health – from someone who is not just a holistic health expert – but also someone who’ll care about you as an individual? If so, you’ve found the right place!

Maybe you’re suffering from a serious illness, or from a long-term health problem that you haven’t been able to get fixed yet. It could be a hormonal issue such as your thyroid and adrenals, or maybe it’s female-related. Perhaps it’s a gut or autoimmune problem, and you’ve been struggling with irritable bowel syndrome or a skin condition. Whatever it is, we’ve seen it, and successfully treated it. So, you can feel confident that, at BGH, we know what we’re doing.

But before you call today to make an appointment with us, I’m sure you’d like to know a little bit about us. You don’t want to hand over your precious health and hard-earned money to just anyone. You want to know who we are and what we stand for.

Well, let me tell you all about us…


Why we do what we do

I’ve been an Integrative Doctor specialising in Women’s Health and Hormone Issues, as well as Gut and Autoimmune Conditions, for nearly three decades, having spent much of that time on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. I formed Beyond Good Health because I wanted to bring together a team of like-minded health practitioners – all specialists in their fields – to provide the very best in holistic health and medicine for people who are troubled with hormonal, gut and autoimmune issues. My heart has always gone out to those who suffer – I know how difficult, debilitating and confusing it can be to be sick and not get the help you need – and my team and I want to help you.

When you’re sick, you need practitioners who understand how to get you well – and you also need them to appreciate all the aspects of true health: Physical, Emotional and Energetic. When you’re sick with a difficult-to-treat illness, you also need support – you need someone standing in your corner with you guiding you along your path to wellness. And that’s what we do at BGH…

Who we help

At BGH, the vast majority of our patients are:

    • Women with Hormonal-related Issues such as Menopause, Menstruation Problems and Hormonal Imbalances
    • Women/Men with Gut Conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Digestive Problems, and Food Sensitivities
    • Or with Autoimmune Conditions like Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Graves Disease, Adrenal Issues and Skin Problems

Who we are

We’re a group of highly trained, specialised, holistic health practitioners who are dedicated to getting you better, faster. We are also people who understand the need for compassion and support when there’s sickness – and we love to care for our patients in a way that makes them feel supported.

And apart from these points, what sets us apart is our approach to health. We don’t just acknowledge the need to care for the body, the heart, and the soul – we actually do it!

Body, Heart and Soul – The Three Pillars of True Wellness

1. Physical Body

2. The Emotional Body (Heart and Mind)

3. The Energetic Body (Soul)

The BGH Difference

We have treatment plans, educational programs and other healing services that specifically treat your physical body, your energetic body and your emotions. And you can do all this under the professional eye of an internationally-renowned medical doctor, a highly-experienced psychologist, expert naturopaths, and highly-skilled kinesiologists. Our truly holistic approach to getting you well could be exactly what you need – the missing link in fact – in your efforts to get well. I like to call it the BGH Difference…

And because we take you from the initial stage of Crisis Care (when you really need help just to feel better) to Corrective Care (where we focus on building health resilience) and finally to Anti-Ageing (where we incorporate strategies to build a framework for wellness into the later years of life) we take you ‘beyond’ good health – to amazing wellness

What we believe at BGH

  • We believe that true wellness is a product of physical, emotional and energetic health. This means that we understand that our emotions and beliefs; our environment (relationships, home and work situations); and our nutritional status all affect how we feel physically.  And to achieve long-lasting wellness, we need to address all these components. 
  • We believe that all healing and true wellness are achieved by the individual and that the body has a natural ability to heal itself. We only act as guides.  We Empower each person to be their own healer by giving them the Tools and Support necessary. 
  • We believe that love, care and respect are essential components of effective healing, so we employ a nurturing environment and supportive practitioners to help care for you along your journey to wellness. 
  • We believe in using cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to help you get better, faster. Every day we use cutting-edge technology to assess your nutritional status, incorporate advanced machines to treat disturbances in your energetic health field, and employ powerful techniques to address unhelpful emotions and self-limiting beliefs.

  • We believe that true holistic health takes us all on a journey from illness to wellness and on to self-development through a process of Treatment, Education and Transformation. 

  • We believe in showing appreciation for all that we have by giving back to the world through sharing knowledge and sharing our success with those less fortunate than ourselves.

Our Mission at BGH

At BGH, our mission is to help people achieve lasting, holistic wellness by guiding them to heal physically, emotionally and energetically.  We have a special focus on those who suffer from Hormonal Health Problems, as well as Gut and Autoimmune Conditions.


Our Amazing BGH Team

Internationally-renowned Integrative Doctor. BGH is led by the internationally-renowned Dr Price. Author, lecturer, presenter, she has led dozens of healing programs on most continents and helped many thousands improve their wellness. With the benefit of conventional medical training, as well qualifications in Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Nutrition and a vast array of other incredible healing modalities, she’s the one to trust when you really need help. Known as the ‘doctor of last resort’ she helps desperate patients improve their hormone, gut and autoimmune conditions. To learn more about Dr Price, please click here…

Specialist Naturopath. Kimballe Robyzen expertly diagnoses and treats patients with hormone, autoimmune and hypersensitivity conditions. He uses advanced technology, as well as personalised nutritional and herbal formulations, to help patients quickly heal and reclaim their vitality. These unique skills make him particularly sought after by those with complex conditions, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lyme Disease. To learn more about Kimballe, please click here…

Expert Herbalist and Naturopath. Nathan Davis is a specialist Herbalist, Nutritionist and Naturopath who has a wide range of diagnostic and treatment techniques at his disposal. With a special interest in helping those with hormonal problems, Nathan assists people achieve their health goals on a daily basis. To learn more about Nathan, please click here…

Intuitive Kinesiologist. Nicole Franek is an intuitive Kinesiologist who works with the physical body to release emotional trauma. With additional experience in Vibrational Medicine, Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Nicole helps patients clear emotional blocks on their way to true wellness. To learn more about Nicole, please click here…

Energy Medicine Practitioner, Naturopath and Law of Attraction Coach, Bojan Zimmermann has conducted more than 13,000 treatment and coaching sessions for clients around the world, including CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, celebrities and Olympic athletes. His clients describe him as authentic, insightful and down to earth. From him, you get the best of both worlds: emotional work and coaching, which is crucial for any success – as well as practical strategies to overcome physical symptoms. To learn more about Bojan, please click here…

If you want a team of exceptional, professional healers who will absolutely care for you as an individual; help you to get better – faster; and support you on a healing journey from where you are right now to true wellness, then BGH is the right place for you!

So, why not start your journey to amazing wellness today by making an appointment to see one of our team.

Yours in health,

Yours in health,

Dr Price
BGH Founder and Director
Integrative Doctor, Naturopath, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, Nutritionist

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Our mission is simple: we want to help you create a healthy body, mind and soul.

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