A Full-Day Workshop to Transform Your Health


Help Your Adrenals And Thyroid Heal By Clearing Energetic Stress


Dr Zung VU (Price) Integrative Medical Practitioner & Director - Beyond Good Health Clinic

Helio Matahari

Helio Matahari Conscious Health Inventor Energy Healing Practitioner


Saturday, May 26th 2018

  • 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • 9.30am (Registration)
Adrenal Glands and Thyroid

Cost: only $499 per person (Special Family Discount - 50% off - only $250 for each additional family member) 

What to Bring: a pen and a plate of healthy food to share for lunch 


World-first workshop…

  • Seven hours of energetic treatment, clearings and transformation
  • With two world experts on physical and energetic healing
  • Small-Group 
  • Personalised Attention
  • One Focus: You (and your Adrenals / Thyroid)
  • Ancient healing wisdom and cutting-edge technology and tools

Negative Emotions and Limiting Self-Beliefs, as well as Energetic Stress, are Damaging Your Adrenals and Thyroid 

Poor diet, stress, bad lifestyle choices and our toxic environment all damage our Adrenals and Thyroid. This can cause them to not function properly, which can lead to sickness. 

BUT - our feelings and thoughts - and even other energetic influences (e.g. relationships, trauma, upbringing, etc) can affect these sensitive organs even more… 

When this happens, even the best diet and most effective supplements won’t get you the long-lasting health that you deserve. 

What you need to do is address the subconscious stress that underlies your Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Weakness. 

When you clear the energetic blocks (such as negative emotions, limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns that are affecting metabolic functions) then your body will be free - free to choose a new pathway that will lead to improved physical health. 

To learn more about your Adrenals and Thyroid, click HERE

How do you know if your Adrenals and Thyroid are suffering?

  • Signs of poor Adrenal and Thyroid functioning include  
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness 
  • Difficulty getting to sleep or waking during the night
  • Weight problems - difficulty losing weight or weight gain (especially around the tummy)
  • Low energy • Low moods • Poor stress response
  • Allergies
  • Digestive problems 
  • Poor skin, nails and hair So, if you’re suffering from any of these issues, maybe it’s time you addressed your Adrenal and Thyroid health… 

Dr Price’s amazing ‘Adrenals and Thyroid: Revive and Thrive’ workshop

In a World-First move, internationally renowned Dr Price has teamed up with famed Energy Healer and Inventor, Mr Helio Matahari, to conduct a full-day Adrenals and Thyroid workshop.  

The Underlying Issue in Adrenal and Thyroid Dysfunction - Energetic Blockages

Through decades of clinical practice as an Integrative Doctor, Dr Price has uncovered the fact that ‘the energetic informs the physical’. By this, she means that it’s the energetic influences (those unseen forces such as emotions, self-beliefs, upbringing, relationships, and even spiritual issues) that have a fundamental and profound impact on health.  

When health is addressed first from an ‘energetic’ perspective and subconscious blocks ARE cleared - then the body is freed to heal on the physical level. When these blocks are removed, physical improvement is much quicker and more permanent. 

And in ‘Adrenals and Thyroid: Revive and Thrive’ this is exactly what Dr Price and Helio Matahari will do for you - clear the subconscious blocks that are preventing your Adrenals and Thyroid from functioning optimally. 

In this ground-breaking workshop, you’ll…

  • CLEAR a massive number of SUBCONSCIOUS BLOCKS that are silently preventing your Adrenals and Thyroid from functioning optimally 

  • ADDRESS NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL, SELF-BELIEF AND SPIRITUAL ISSUES that are stopping your Adrenals and Thyroid from working properly 

What you’ll experience…

  • Unique, energy medicine activations to accelerate your Adrenals’ and Thyroid’s self-healing capacities…so you will feel healthier and more energetic
  • Specific clearing exercises to activate Adrenal and Thyroid power, as well as regain emotional calm and balance
  • Learn the top nutritional foods, herbs and essential oils to effectively support your Adrenal and Thyroid health
  • Clear negative emotional, mental and energetic blocks that are stopping your Adrenals and Thyroid from performing at their peak……and much, much more… 

You’ll come away from the ‘Adrenals and Thyroid: Revive and Thrive’ workshop feeling healthier, calmer and energised. You’ll also know all about your Adrenals and Thyroid and how to help them ‘revive’ and ‘thrive’ with nutrition and lifestyle. And, most importantly, the subconscious stress that’s stopping your Adrenals and Thyroid from being their healthiest will be gone! 


Special discounts apply when you book multiple workshops: 

  • If you pay for three workshops, receive an incredible 25% off the retail price. 
  • If you pay for six workshops, receive an amazing 40% off the retail price. 
  • FAMILY RATE: if you bring along a family member, they can attend the workshop at 50% off the retail price - because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to heal as a family!
  • PAYMENT PLAN: we also offer payment plans to make it easier for you to pay for your workshops. 


When you attend ‘Adrenals and Thyroid: Revive and Thrive’, you’ll also receive - ABSOLUTELY FREE - the following: 

  • Dr Price’s Adrenal and Thyroid Treatment Plan - based on Dr Price’s nearly 30 years of specialised medical experience helping people recover from Adrenal and Thyroid issues. Get her detailed and approved treatment plan as our gift to you. 
  • Specially Prepared Adrenal and Thyroid Remedy - chock full of the world’s most powerful herbs and essential oils - and charged with specific homeopathic adrenal and thyroid healing frequencies - this specialised tonic will help continue your body’s healing after the workshop - both physically and energetically. Our gift to you… 

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