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“I have scoliosis and have been through a number of serious accidents and surgeries over the years –
and I know that this has affected my back and neck. I’ve had literally dozens of chiropractor, osteopath, trigger point and massage sessions – and some have helped – for a little while – but the pain has always returned. I got myAtlas-Sphenoid realigned by Dr Price – and that night all the muscles of my back ‘felt’ different. They were sore like I had played a game of football – but by morning, I was fine. I walked and stood straighter – and it felt like my feet were properly flat on the floor – it’s hard to explain, but I felt really stable. I’m really glad that I got my Atlas-Sphenoid realigned, and I’m looking forward to the other health benefits that will come from it.” – Mike, Gold Coast.

“I have one shoulder lower than the other. I’ve had heaps of chiropractor and other muscle and fascia manipulating sessions – but my shoulder kept on dropping back after the sessions. With one Atlas-Sphenoid Realignment Treatment session, my shoulder is sitting exactly where it should – you can tell from my before and after photos. It’s been really impressive – and I Iove the fact that I only have to pay once!”
– Matthew Newman, Lismore.


“I was involved in two serious accidents in quick succession and developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). The accidents and CRPS pain have affected my gait and ability to walk. I’ve spent literally months in hospital rehabilitation, only to find that in a few, short weeks afterwards, I’m back to the same problem. The Atlas-Sphenoid Realignment Treatment helped to straighten up my spine and assist with my gait. I’m really glad that I’ve finally found something that helps!” – Jane, Carrara.


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