BGH Clearing and Healing Circle 


Raise your Self Esteem, Value Yourself More, Awaken your Spirit and Start Living your Life




When: Wednesday 19 June 2019 Timings: 6.00pm - Registration 6.15pm - Start 8.15pm - Conclude Where: Beyond Good Health Clinic - Gold Coast 600 Glades Drive, Robina QLD (Map Link)  

Bojan Zimmermann

Bojan Zimmermann Naturopath, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer Qi Gong Master, Beyond Good Health Clinics Practitioner

Do You Love Yourself?

Has anyone ever said, “you need to love yourself, before you can truly love someone else” or “you need to put yourself first”?  

Perhaps you think ‘love’ means putting everyone and everything above yourself? Or, you think you love yourself, but your sabotaging, destructive actions might suggest otherwise?… We all have a different definition of self-love.  

We all have different ways in which we love ourselves. However, for most people, we look for love in things outside of ourselves to make us happy. A compatible partner, a successful career, lots of money, a packet of biscuits… But truly loving yourself comes from deep within.  

And when you really start to love yourself, you naturally and effortlessly, become happier and healthier, your relationships improve and life itself has more meaning.  

What if there is a simple but powerful way to elevate your self love?… 

Now, before I go any further, I suggest you take a few quiet moments to answer the questions below. Allow yourself to be honest and open. This is your first step on the journey to unlocking self love.  

  • Do you feel love in your life?  
  • Do you love your body?  
  • Do you easily express your emotions fully? 
  • Do you speak up for yourself? 
  • When you receive a compliment, does it make you fee good? 
  • Do you think positively about yourself?
  • Do you have high expectations of yourself and other people? 
  • Do you feel empowered?  
  • Do you feel worthy?  
  • Does wealth make you feel comfortable? 
  • Do you express love?
  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Are you beautiful?
  • Are your needs, wants and desires important?
  • Does your life have meaning?
  • Do you feel fulfilled?  

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, that is totally ok! Please don’t beat yourself up. This simply means that you are now aware of what areas in your life need your love and attention.  

We each possess within us, deep, unconditional self-love. When you clear the blocks and unlock your innate self-love energy, you gently release self-destructing patterns. Can you imagine how freeing and empowering this would feel? 

Self-Love is the Source of All Our Other Loves

Now, let me ask you this - do you believe you deserve to unlock self love?  

If you’re feeling any resistance or doubt when that question comes to mind, then tell yourself “YES” anyway. Because your life has one major purpose right now - to get to the highest level of self-love possible. But you also need to say “YES!”. And with this sole intention, you start connecting, knowing and experiencing the energy and flow of the LOVE that you truly are.  

You might be wondering, “what about all the traumas I’ve experienced in my life?” We all experience challenges in our lives that block our innate self love. The most important thing to know during these difficult times is that the negative events in your life can also be one of the greatest gifts from the universe. Why? Because with every challenge we experience, we learn, we strengthen and we evolve. It’s as if the universe is testing us, each time, softly whispering, will you “stand for love” or “disconnect from love”?… The answer is your choice.  

The good news is that negative past experiences can be neutralised and even transformed into positive energies! Nothing can withstand consciousness. Not only can consciousnesses dissolve past traumatic memories from your subconscious mind, but it can dissolve ANYTHING!  

Here’s where our new BGH Clearing and Healing Circle comes in - Together, in an intimate group, we discover how to release our limiting beliefs and past negative sub-conscious programming to unleash genuine, abundant, self love. Allowing us to step into our true purpose and create higher levels of consciousness. 

In this BGH Clearing and Healing Circle you will...

  • Learn why it is crucial to remove or neutralise negative past events and emotions and why this process is so important for self love.
  • Clear subconscious blocks that are silently preventing you from accessing your fullest potential of self love and expression.
  • Experience positive group healing energies allowing you to heal and raise your level of consciousness.