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Naturopath (Germany)
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Reality Creation Coach
Qigong Master

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Naturopath and Law of Attraction Coach, he has conducted more than 13,000 treatment and coaching sessions for clients around the world, including CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, celebrities and Olympic athletes. His clients describe him as authentic, insightful and down to earth. From him, you get the best of both worlds: emotional work and coaching, which is crucial for any success – as well as practical strategies to overcome physical symptoms.

He has guided me to be the creator in my own life
I have found my sessions with Bojan to be a rewarding, healing and educating experience. Bojan worked with me in February, 2011, and the difference in how I felt from when I arrived, to when I completed six sessions over six weeks, is such a contrast. I was seeking assistance in healing and unlocking my emotional blockages regarding a traumatic childhood, disturbing family relationships and the suicide of my partner. After many years of engaging in a range of healing modalities, and making very little progress, I had become rather distressed about how I was ever going to get free of the emotional ‘stuckness’ and feel well again. I had become unwell with chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, candida and hormonal imbalances.
I was feeling quite fragile when I first visited the clinic, yet I could sense that Bojan’s work was going to be effective. He has the unique gift to tune into the person, perceive what is truly going on with them, and what to do to unlock them from the root cause of the blockage. Bojan uses a range of quick and very effective techniques to unblock the emotions/patterns. He offered the awareness and understanding of what I was creating, and how to change this into something more preferable and empowering.
Bojan is an excellent role model and teacher, he has a solution focused attitude and offers a space of honesty and compassion during the sessions. He has guided me to be the creator in my own life, to be responsible for myself, to let go of the past, to live in the present moment and to embrace the future.
I no longer feel limited by my emotions and past experiences. I feel lighter, greatly relieved, more awake, alert and generally more happy and more inspired about life. I feel stronger in myself and more empowered, Best of all, I feel more connected to my true self, and feel I can trust the process of life again.
Anna Thompson, Gold Coast, Australia

Much More Energy
I have been practicing the ACS ritual regularly in the last week and already feel much more energetic. The practitioner seminar was amazing, you’ve done it naturally and it is  exactly what is needed: spiritual knowledge in the most usable practical form. Big Thank you for that.
Milica B., Gold Coast, Australia

Created A Miracle In My Life
When i heard that the other participants were getting great results from doing the ACS I had to try it for myself. After learning the easy moves and visualisation I put it to the test. I went big and decided to create a house of my own. Within 2 weeks I create out of thin air real prospects of owning a house. 2 months later i now own my dream house. People around me including myself still don’t believe i own my house. With the ACS i have create a miracle in my life.
Jason S., Gold Coast, Australia

The Treatments Has Changed Her Life
I thank you for the amazing work that has been done with Lara. She has benefited immensely from your treatment and your team. It has changed her life. It has changed her diet and outlook on the future. Her response to your clinic has been literally a miracle and has greatly benefited her and her family.
Lara, S., Brisbane, Australia

Do Not React to Pollen With Hayfever Anymore
You’ve been able to get me off my thyroid medicine within one month. You have me eating fresh fruit without any reactions – and no need for 7 + medicines to be able to do this…I can have my bedroom window open and not react to pollen with hay-fever etc….all fantastic!  Thanks for your continual fantastic support.
Inger, A., Gold Coast, Australia

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Bojan Zimmermann

Naturopath (Germany), Energy Medicine Practitioner, 
Reality Creation Coach, Qigong Master

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