7 Bad Habits Busy Women have that keep them Frustrated about their Low Energies

Do you often feel tired when you wake up despite getting an 8-hour sleep at night? Did you know that there are 7 easy to avoid bad habits draining your good energies more than lack of sleep can?

You’re struggling…again… You’ve slept your allotted eight hours, but you’re still feeling exhausted. It’s almost as if your ‘get up and go’ just ‘got up and went!’ Now you want some concrete ways to reclaim your energy and feel like you are once again up to the task of life. Read more


EMF Safety: Health Effects of MRI Scans

Since being introduced in 1974, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has become an important medical diagnostic tool. Even though MRI does not use any dangerous radiation like X-rays, it uses a magnetic field that is about 10,000 times stronger than that of the earth. Some experts see a potential threat to EMF safety in this, especially for patients with certain medical devices or implants. Read more

EMF safety

5 Simple, Effective EMF Safety Tips for Your Home

The human body is more than flesh and blood; we are made up of a highly complex electromagnetic system. Because our body is a good conductor of electricity, we cannot prevent our body from interacting with external EMF radiation. Try turning off every single device or appliance you have at home – think about how dependent we are on these things. Unfortunately, it seems everyone is unaware on how dangerous these EMF radiation is to human health. Read more