Learn A Powerfully Simple Technique To Reduce Christmas Stress

Silly Season – or Crazy Season?

I see a massive increase in stress among my patients as the year draws to a close.  Perhaps it’s just that the year has been challenging for many, but when I enquire about the stressors in people’s lives during November and December, they almost always say one thing: Christmas…  I can’t help but wonder whether we should change the term ‘silly season’ to ‘crazy season’ as I watch people stress out about finding the right presents for their family, fight over shopping centre car parks, worry over what food to serve, and become concerned over the amount of money they’ll spend during the December/January holiday period…

But does it need to be that stressful?

Should it be that difficult?

Have we started to miss the true meaning of this celebratory period?

Have we forgotten the ‘heart’ of this time of year?

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Do You Need a Brain Re-Boot?

Learn what you need to do so you can get your brain back again!

After a long day problem solving and helping unwell people, my brain often feels like it has been literally ‘fried’.  Do you know what I mean?

And I remember a few years ago when I did my first real public speaking event in front of a large group.  It was at the Gold Coast Convention Centre during a Healthy Lifestyle Convention. 

I was petrified.  I couldn’t think properly.  I was dizzy.  I was sweating.  My mouth was dry.  I was shaking.  All I could think of was to run away.

Have you ever experienced such a reaction? If so, then you know how debilitating such a situation can be.

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Are Your Parents Making You Sick?

Learn what you need to do so you don’t become your mum or dad!

The parable of Michael Jordan – I believe I can fly…

Many of us know the song, inspired by famous American basketball player, Michael Jordan, ‘I Believe I Can Fly’.  In it he teaches us that he believes he can ‘fly’, that he can ‘touch the sky’.  In an interview on CNN shortly after the release of the song and an associated movie, Jordan explained that the belief he could achieve anything was installed in him by his father.  He explained that from an early age, his father would play basketball with him daily.  But, they didn’t just play; Jordan’s father would cut the height of the basketball stand so that Michael would always succeed.  Jordan’s father would constantly teach his son that he could achieve anything.  Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the world’s greatest ever basketball player.  He could literally ‘fly’ as he took to the air during games to score.

This is a powerful example of positive parental programming…

But not all of us are as fortunate as Michael Jordan when it comes to parental programming…

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Believe It Or Not – You Have Two Brains!

You’ve probably used the phrases: ‘I have butterflies in my stomach’, ‘I have a gut feeling about this, or ‘There’s a pit in my stomach’.  But, have you ever wondered why so many of these sayings involve both our brains and tummies together?

Well, you may not realise this, but your Gut (consisting of your stomach, pancreas, intestines and your micro biome – your gut bacteria) has such a close relationship to your Brain and influences it so much that many specialists in this area of medicine refer to the Gut as the ‘Second Brain’.

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Liver-health-Integrative-doctor-Gold Coast

Love Your Liver – and it will Love You Back!

Your largest and most important organ needs your help – today!


My Kind of Bodyguard

There was a movie I once watched years ago about a bodyguard.  He went to school with a young boy and protected him.  He didn’t speak at all – but he would push bullies out of the way, clean a place on the cafeteria table for the boy and even carry his heavy school bag for him.  If only I had someone like this looking after me when I was at school!!

Well, we all kind of do have our very own silent bodyguard, protecting and supporting us from moment to moment. And it’s called our Liver…

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