how to detox your body with water

5 Tips on How to Detox Your Body with Water

Water is an integral part of our detox program, and it certainly deserves attention. Proper hydration is undeniably important for clearing toxins, keeping healthy digestion, increasing detoxification and maintaining healthy movement of lymph through the body. When cleansing, make sure you drink plenty of water.

This technique is developed to promote elimination and drainage; hence, you may experience frequent visits to the bathroom and stronger body odour. Read more

healthy living

Healthy Living Tips to Detox Your Home

Healthy Living Should Begin at Home

You probably know about environmental pollution. You probably want clean air and water, and desire a healthy living, free from toxic elements. You may also be making more careful choices than ever about the foods you buy, to avoid feeding your family foods that are full of toxins.

But many more toxins may be lurking in your home, disguised in seemingly ‘innocent’ household products that are secretly eroding your family’s health, resulting in toxic overload. Read more

sun safety

Be SunWise: 7 Effective Sun Safety Tips for Your Health

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the sun, doing outdoor activities, water sports, sunbathing or swimming on the beach or simply barbecuing in the backyard?

While basking under the sun can make us look and feel good, make sure you are not getting too much of it. Follow our sun safety tips below to avoid the consequences of excessive sun exposure such as sun-damaged skin, heat exhaustion and dehydration. Read more


Create Your Amazing New Year In 2013

The first few days of the 2013 has passed and already I love it…..

Staying here as visitors in the high mountains of Chiang Mai has certainly been a delight to the senses….fresh, clean mountain air that invigorates the lungs, fresh, aromatic, unprocessed Thai food to delight the taste buds and plenty of delicate, artistic craftsmanship to admire in beautiful silk, clothing and crafts.

In Thailand, the King, very beloved by his people, had long held a vision and implemented a series of planning and strategies for the benefit of his people –  a sign of a great leader.  Read more