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Colonic Hydrotherapy


At Beyond Good Health we offer Colonic Hydrotherapy with our experienced Colonic Hydrotherapist Julie, who was trained by Bottoms Up Colonics.

Julie is trained in the Rojas Technique, which is a simple non-invasive method of colonics that immediately makes you feel better and more energised. We aim to understand you, your symptoms and your lifestyle so we can tailor your treatment to improve your gut health and build your immune system, while also educating you so you get the most out of each treatment by taking steps to enhance you, your relationships, your food choices and life.


Meet Our Colonic Hydrotherapist


Julie Defina

Colonic Hydrotherapist, BHSc Naturopathy Student, Reiki Practitioner, Diploma of Councelling Student.

Julie Defina is a trained Colonic Hydrotherapist, Reiki practitioner, a student Naturopath and a Student Counsellor. Her passion for health and her interest in the gut-brain connection lead Julie to a career in health, and by combining her knowledge obtained from her clinical experience and her studies, Julie focuses on treating and supporting the gut to establish both physical and mental wellbeing. 

Julie strongly believes that a lot of health issues start in the gut and that stress, anxiety and depression are huge indicators of the health of your gut.



    What is Colonic Hydrotherapy?


    Colonic hydrotherapy involves gently flushing your colon of toxins, while hydrating your bowels. We use filtered water, herbal infusions, probiotics and other nutrients during your treatment. The infusion is taken up directly into your blood stream and takes only four minutes to go from your sigmoid colon to the liver where it promotes the release and elimination of bile, while retaining nutrients to make you feel great!

    After your colonic hydrotherapy, you can expect to feel clean, empty, refreshed and clear-headed. Your tummy will be flat and you may even find that you lose up to one to two kilos a treatment!


    What conditions may benefit from Colonic Hydrotherapy?

    Colonic hydrotherapy, when used in conjunction with other therapies, can assist in treating and supporting a wide range of health issues, including:

    – Constipation
    – Faecal loading and leakage
    – Diarrhoea 
    – Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
    – Coeliac Disease 
    – Painful periods
    – Hormone imbalance 
    – Allergies 
    – Leaky Gut
    – Food sensitivities

    (and more!)


    After following the recommended Colonic Hydrotherapy Protocol which may involve a number of colonics and supplements to take home, you can expect to notice the following benefits:

    – Glowing complexion
    – More energy
    – Improved physical and mental wellbeing
    – Reduced headaches 
    – Sharper thinking 
    – Improved appetite 
    – Improved libido 
    – Improved sleep quality 
    – Improved pre-menstrual symptoms


     Mind-Body Connection & Colonics

    The Mind-Body connection and the Gut-Brain link is a strong interest of Julie’s (our colonic hydrotherapist).

    Social and human behaviour can influence the health of your gut and your emotions. Evidence-based research has demonstrated that you are, quite literally, what you eat, by linking he food and drink you consume with how you feel. 

    Poor nutrition can make you feel low and fatigued, while good nutrition can have the opposite effect. By restoring your gut bacteria through the careful manipulation and balancing of enzymes and microbes, we can improve mood, thinking, memory and emotional wellbeing. In turn, controlling and understanding your emotions and believing in your body’s ability to heal itself can help to restore the balance in your gut.

    Your body has its own unique ecosystem and through a multi-pronged approach involving our vital organs and the brain, we can achieve a balance, making you feel energetic, healthy and happy.

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