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When you find a doctor who cares about you as a person, listens to you, respects you and takes the time necessary to properly address your health problems, you want to stick with them. When that same doctor has the skills and approach to empower you to move from unhappy and sick to energetic and healthy – you want all your family and friends to see them. Dr Sairaah Govindan Haridas is just that sort of doctor…

A Big BGH Welcome to Dr Sairaah Govindan Haridas!

It’s a rare experience for me to meet another doctor who is committed to healing the true, underlying causes of their patients’ health problems – which, in my experience, are the emotions, energetics and soul-based issues in our lives…

So, when I find someone who not only believes in the impact of our Emotions, Beliefs, Energetics and Soul-Issues on our health – BUT – has also had her own personal healing journey that has taken her from a strongly conventional medicine approach to Integrative and Holistic Healing – I get really amazed!

Well… Today I’d like to introduce you to a fantastic Integrative and Holistic Doctor who fits these two points – and her name is Dr Sairaah Govindan Haridas (and just so you know, she likes to be called “Dr Sairaah” – pronounced ‘Sai-Rah’) – and it’s my absolute pleasure to welcome her to the BGH Clinic as our newest team member!

Dr Sairaah Govindan Haridas – Integrative and Holistic Doctor…

Dr Govindan Haridas has had a stellar conventional medical career, from graduation and work as a general practitioner in a number of countries across the globe to a post-graduate specialisation in Paediatrics. While working in Singapore, Dr Govindan Haridas returned to her passion of Family Medicine, and since she moved to Australia some years ago, she has continued in this specialisation but also branched out to include Chronic Disease Management and Mental Health.

During her years overseas and in Australia, Dr Govindan Haridas excelled in General Practice, supporting many patients with serious chronic diseases, winning her praise from patients and colleagues alike.

In addition to this vast array of medical skills, Dr Govindan Haridas is also a member of the peak international body for Integrative Medicine Specialists: the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM).

Dr Govindan Haridas takes a particular interest in women’s health because not only are women more attuned to their health needs, they are also prone to placing themselves last in life – and Dr Govindan Haridas believes that women are the foundation of our society and need careful care and attention, as well as a listening ear and professional support. There’s nothing that makes her day more than seeing a wonderful female patient improve their health in ways that are important to them.

So, if you’re after a caring, thoughtful, doctor who works from a space of love and ‘heart’ in her work – then you’ll want to make an appointment to see Dr Govindan Haridas…

A Healing Journey That Led Dr Govindan Haridas To Integrative and Holistic Healing

As we all know, every journey starts with just one step – and for Dr Govindan Haridas, that one step occurred some years ago when a close family member suffered a serious health episode. That episode continued for weeks, then months… Specialist doctors were consulted. Medication was prescribed. Worry and concern was everywhere because nothing seemed to help…

Then, one day, one of Dr Govindan Haridas’s patients, an Intuitive Healer, met her in clinic. Sensing Dr Govindan Haridas’s worried energy, the Intuitive Healer ‘connected’ with their guides and correctly ‘guessed’ the family member and the health problem – and they offered to give the family member a treatment.

Extremely surprised, but secretly elated with the hope of a possible healing, Dr Govindan Haridas allowed this unconventional healer to treat her family member.

And within a few short minutes, positive change occurred – something that Australia’s best Medical Specialists, across a range of Medical Skills, couldn’t do with many months of treatment.

Dr Govindan Haridas was ‘blown away’ by what happened. And so, inspired by this success, and desirous to continue the healing for her family member – and help her much-loved patients, Dr Govindan Haridas started on her own journey of learning and personal healing…

And when her own patients experienced amazing health changes from Alternative Medicine Practitioners as a result of Dr Govindan Haridas’s encouragement, she was truly converted! She was convinced that true healing didn’t come from a pill box – it came from the soul deep within each of us. All we needed was love, support and a guide to help us become our very own ‘self-healers’.

An Integrative and Holistic Doctor was ‘born’…

Dr Sairaah Govindan Haridas: Her Philosophy of Healing…

One way to get to know a doctor is to understand their philosophy of healing. From spending time with her, I’ve been able to glean the following about Dr Govindan Haridas’s Healing Philosophy:

Dr Govindan Haridas believes that a great doctor is someone who:

  • Is a careful listener
  • takes enough time with their patients
  • Cares about their patients’ holistic welfare – not just their presenting problem
  • Empowers them to become their own self-healers
  • Goes deeper and further with each patient to uncover the true, underlying causes of their health problems – and then guides them back to recovery and beyond – to stable physical health, emotional wellness, and soul wellbeing…

Dr Govindan Haridas believes that when a person:

  • Feels Safe
  • Feels Listened To
  • Feels Valued and Important and
  • Feels empowered…

…they open themselves up to healing at a deeper level than is otherwise able to be achieved.

Dr Govindan Haridas believes that all people are self healers – and that whenever a person achieves health – it is them doing it, not their doctor.

She further believes that all a person needs is love, care and guidance to bring out the self-healer that lies within us all. And Dr Govindan Haridas’s last and most important belief when it comes to healing is:

All long-term health problems lie in the emotions, beliefs, relationships, energetics and soul-based issues we have. When we re-align ourselves to fulfil our individual soul’s purpose in life and clear the unhelpful emotions and beliefs that run our lives – we can experience vibrant health, powerful energy and a sense of joy and purpose that will astound us… – DR GOVINDAN HARIDAS.

If you’ve got general health issues and need to see a doctor, then Dr Govindan Haridas is a great option. She has decades of experience helping people with:

  • Chronic Health Conditions
  • Mental Health Issues

In addition to these medical specialisations, Sairaah loves to support females of all ages with their health needs.

While Dr Govindan Haridas can provide all the conventional medical support that you may need, in a caring, empowering, and heart-based supportive way – her true passion is to help people uncover the underlying causes of their health problems – and deal with them emotionally, energetically and in a soul-based manner. That way, her patients experience changes in their health and overall wellbeing that are both powerful and complete…

How Do You Make An Appointment To See Dr Govindan Haridas?

I know by now you’re feeling excited at the prospect of there being another Integrative and Holistic Doctor at BGH – and no doubt you’d like to make an appointment to see Dr Govindan Haridas.

See Dr Govindan Haridas in clinic. To make an appointment to see Dr Govindan Haridas, just call BGH Reception today on (07) 5522 8902.

See Dr Govindan Haridas through online Zoom consults after hours. Dr Govindan Haridas recognises that many patients can’t make it to the clinic during the day because of work and other commitments, so she will also be available for online consultations using our Zoom technology after normal business hours. Super easy to use, with no need to download any apps or programs, Zoom will allow you to connect to Dr Govindan Haridas quickly and easily using your smartphone, laptop, computer – and even your home phone! To make an online appointment to see Dr Govindan Haridas through Zoom, just call BGH Reception a call on (07) 5522 8902.

Get in Quick! BGH staff members are so impressed with Dr Govindan Haridas’s gentle, caring and supportive approach, and her broad range of conventional and integrative medical skills that they are fighting over who will be her first BGH patient – so you’ll need to get in quick!

A Reminder – What Dr Govindan Haridas Specialises In…

So, as my final reminder, if you:

  • Are a WOMAN of any age
  • Struggle with EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL HEALTH issues
  • Experience LOW ENERGY
  • Understand that your EMOTIONS, BELIEFS, and SOUL all affect your health
  • And you want a DOCTOR who CARES, LISTENS, TAKES TIME and EMPOWERS you…

…then you had better call (07) 5522 8902 today to make an appointment to see Dr Govindan Haridas…

To read more about Dr Govindan Haridas and her treatment approach, please CLICK HERE:

And please make sure you welcome Dr Govindan Haridas when you next visit the clinic – as I’m sure she’ll become a much-valued member of the BGH family.


Yours in health

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Dr Zung Vu (Price)
Integrative Doctor, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist


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