Dr Price's Statement on Extended Break from All Medical Practice - Beyond Good Health Holistic Medical Clinics


I have been working tirelessly as a doctor for over three decades and have had the privilege of treating well over 50,000 patients during this time.

It has been an amazing experience, largely due to the incredible patients I’ve cared for.

During 2020, I’ve reduced my clinic availability so that I can take better care of my own health and wellbeing and explore areas of personal and professional development that are beyond the scope of medical practice.

I have enjoyed the difference that this has brought into my life, and I intend to extend this period of non-medical exploration, spiritual and self-development.

This means that, with effect immediately, I will be stepping back from all medical clinical work for the foreseeable future.

I know that this will affect my many wonderful patients, but I won’t be leaving you without amazing support.

I feel that now is the best time for me to step back because Dr Daniel Ho (Dr Dan) has recently taken up the mantle as the principal functional medicine doctor at Beyond Good Health.  

He comes with great experience and expertise in all areas that can support my existing patients, and those yet to come.  

And, of course, all patients of the Clinic also have access to the other amazing practitioners that make up the professional staff of Beyond Good Health.  

Each is an expert in their areas of focus and can help you with all your health needs.

I thank you all for trusting me with your health, and that of your family’s.

Your trust and support has always inspired me and motivated me to do the very best I can.

I look forward to connecting with you again at some time in the future.

Until then, I wish you the very best with your health and wellbeing.

Signing off for now with much love

Dr Price

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