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BGH Clearing and Healing Circle; Unlocking Self Love

  • Learn why it is crucial to remove or neutralise negative past events and emotions and why this process is so important for self love.
  • Clear subconscious blocks that are silently preventing you from accessing your fullest potential of self love and expression.
  • Experience positive group healing energies allowing you to heal and raise your level of consciousness.

Date: Wednesday 19th June 2019

Time: 6.00pm – 8.15pm

Film Discussion: Generation Zapped

Generation Zapped investigates the potential dangers of prolonged exposure to Radio Frequencies (RF) from wireless technology; it’s effects on our health and well-being, as well as the health and development of our children. From its links to breast and brain cancer, to its associations with increased infertility and genetic mutations related to autism and ADHD, to newly developed illnesses, such as Electrical Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS).

Today we encounter a hundred thousand times the level of radiation from wireless technologies than we did decades ago. Yet the safety standards set by federal regulatory agencies are outdated. New wireless devices such as smart phones, tablets and baby monitors to the latest “Internet of Things” continue to enter the market without any proper pre-market testing or post-market monitoring. Too little is done to ensure public safety and awareness.

So how can we uncover the facts and reduce our exposure to limit the associated health risks during this technological revolution? GENERATION ZAPPED attempts to do just that.

Watch the trailer here – https://vimeo.com/221492864

Join us after the film for an intimate and in-depth discussion with world renowned integrative doctor, Dr Zung Price.

Date:  Friday 12th July 2019

Time: 6.15pm – 8.30pm

Venue: Everness Summit
 315 Monaro Rd, Mudgeeraba QLD 4213. Click here for google map.

Cost: $19  (RSVP Only)
Tickets available online or call us on (07) 5522 8902

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