BGH Clear & Heal Circle

'Unleash Your Healing Power'

Identifying and Removing the Subconscious Blocks to Health And Healing


Dr Dzung Price  

Integrative & Holistic Doctor, Naturopath, Energy Healing Specialist, Medical Intuitive and Director of Beyond Good Health Clinics

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Could you be unknowingly sabotaging your Health Journey? 

  • Are you fed up of repeatedly making poor choices when it comes to your behaviours around health or food? 
  • Do you recognise your repetitive patterns and then end up feeling powerless, anger or even shame?  
  • Have you tried everything but nothing seems to work or stick for very long?  

One of the biggest reasons that you do not progress on your healing journey can be attributed to hidden blocks located in your subconscious mind, and they can sabotage even your best efforts to get well.  

Here are a few ways how you can identify if you subconsciously sabotage your health journey.  

1. Do you feel stuck or that you're not making any headway with your health results?

2. Do you make excuses to break away from your daily health routine? I don't have enough time, I'm too busy. If yes, then you're already feeling that something isn't quite right and you're trying to make yourself feel better.

3. Do you remember how you felt when you last strayed from your goals? Were you stressed?

4. Do you feel lost or unmotivated on your health journey? Do you fall back into old eating patterns, skip the gym, forget to take your super foods, or stop seeing your health practitioner?'  

5. Do you identify with your symptoms? Do you hear yourself saying ‘My high blood pressure’, or ‘I am sick”, or ‘I have arthritis’?  

6. Do you justify why you can’t heal? Do you believe that you have for example a genetic predisposition to high blood pressure or diabetes?  

Self-sabotage or subconscious blocks happen when there’s a certain set of subconscious beliefs and emotions that run deep and sabotage the results we are seeking. One of the most common emotions is FEAR

Why would I fear getting better, you may ask?...

At first, this might not make sense because there’s no benefit to suffering at the cost of vibrant health. But, let’s have a closer look...

First and foremost, there could be underlying, subconscious motivators driving you to stay stuck and sick in order to have certain 'advantages' or 'gains' (also called secondary gains). Most of these motivators are hidden and only visible by the actions a person is taking. 

Let me give you 5 secondary gains I observed in my clinical practice:  

1. Misguided subconscious attachments. For example, seeking attention and validation or the fear of losing love. 2. Overcompensating to prove oneself. Appearing 'strong' or 'tough' when confronted with opposing feelings, such as fear and insecurity. 3. Demonstrating love and loyalty to a significant other by mimicking their symptoms or behaviour. Replicating a parent's knee problem with our own knee pain. Subconsciously, we do this to demonstrate that we are not superior and that we love the person dearly. 4. Thinking of oneself as important or irreplaceable. 'When I am unwell, my family pays attention to me'. 'When I am sick, the whole 'world' is about me'. Kids often do this in order to receive more love and attention from their parents. 5. Receiving sympathy, pity and seeking attention. The sicker I am, the more support I receive. People sympathise with me and tell me how sorry they are about my condition'.

And also the other side holds true. There could be ‘secondary losses’ associated with becoming well.  

1. If I am well people might want something from me… 2. If I am well, certain people will lose interest in me… 3. Some of my good friends will be jealous and envious when I am well again… 4. When I am well, I need to carry too much responsibility in my life… 5. If I am well, I will feel awkward with healthy attitudes and behaviour.  

You may or may not have identified yourself with one or more of the above statements. And there are even more hidden beliefs or blocks that could act as your internal saboteur.  

These negative (subconscious) limiting beliefs can build a barrier between you and the healthy life you dream of— every time you try to take a step forward, they pop up and set you back. 

Every change starts with recognising what is stopping us and identifying what we can do about it.  

The good news is that subconscious belief pattern can be neutralised and removed…

Here’s where our new BGH Clear and Heal Circle comes in. Together, in an intimate group, we discover how to release our limiting beliefs and past negative sub-conscious programming to unleash genuine, abundant, supporting beliefs. 

In this powerful and intimate BGH Clear and Heal Circle, you will...

  • Understand how we create the blocks and beliefs that limit us in our lives and why this process is so important for your health journey.
  • Clear the most damaging subconscious blocks that are sabotaging your best healing efforts and silently preventing you from achieving your fullest potential.  
  • Experience positive group healing energies and a powerful meditation that will create optimum heart-brain coherence to support your best healing outcome.