Gut rese

When: Saturday 28 April 2018

Timings: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm

Where: Everness Summit – 315 Monaro Road Mudgeeraba QLD 4213

Cost: only $499 per person

(Special Family Discount – 50% off – only $250 for each additional family member)

What to Bring: a pen and a plate of healthy food to share for lunch

World-first workshop…

    • Seven hours of education, treatment and transformation
    • With two world experts on physical and energetic healing
    • Small-Group
    • Personalised Attention
    • One Focus: You (and your all-important gut)
    • Ancient healing wisdom and cutting-edge technology and tools

Modern living is hurting your gut

Modern life can be really hard on our bodies especially our guts (tummy, pancreas and intestines)…

Poor diet, stress, bad lifestyle choices, our toxic environment – and even our feelings and thoughts – all affect our tummies, stopping them from functioning properly. This affects digestion, absorption and metabolism.

The result? You feel sick…

Arguably one of the most important organ systems in the human body, your gut literally keeps you alive. Without its help, you wouldn’t be able to absorb the nutrients and energy from your food, and metabolic waste and bugs would enter your blood system and make you sick…

IMMUNE SYSTEM. Your gut holds around 85% of your immune system – so you need your gut functioning in tip top condition to keep you well.

GUT BRAIN. And your gut is responsible for creating almost all your neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. So powerful is the gut in affecting our brain chemistry that it’s called our Second Brain!

To learn more about this incredible organ system

How do you know if your gut isn’t doing so well?

Signs of poor gut functioning include:

    • indigestion/reflux
    • fatigue
    • headaches
    • IBS symptoms: diarrhoea, constipation, food sensitivity
    • hormonal swings
    • weight problems
    • sinus problems and allergies

So, if you’re suffering from any of these issues, maybe it’s time you gave your gut a hand to get well.

Dr Price’s amazing ‘GUT RESET’ workshop

In a World-First move, internationally renowned Dr Price has teamed up with famed Neuropractic Kinesiologist, Helio Matahari, to conduct a full-day energetic and physical Gut Regeneration workshop.

A treatment combination that really works

Through decades of clinical practice as an Integrative Doctor, Dr Price has identified that healing the gut requires two equally important things:

1. Treatment at the Energetic Level. Negative emotions and limiting beliefs about ourselves and others, in addition to negative energetic influences around us, are actually toxic to our guts at a level deeper than the physical. This aspect of healing needs to be addressed by people who know what they’re doing and have the right tools to do so.

2. Treatment at the Physical Level. With decades of specialised integrative healing experience – Dr Price knows exactly what you should eat, do, and live like to get the most out of your body’s hardest working organ – your gut…

When the ‘Energetic’ is combined properly with the ‘Physical’ – the functions of the gut improve in a way that is profound.

In this ground-breaking workshop, you’ll…

    • CLEAR a massive number of UNCONSCIOUS BLOCKS that are silently preventing your Gut from functioning optimally
    • KNOW exactly what FOOD, SUPPLEMENTS and LIFESTYLE MEASURES are necessary to keep your Gut at peak performance

What you’ll experience…

    • Unique, energy medicine activations to accelerate your Gut’s self-healing capacities…so you feel younger
    • Specific clearing exercises to activate digestive power, as well as regain emotional calm and balance
    • Learn the top nutritional foods, herbs and essential oils to effectively support your Gut
    • Clear negative emotional, mental and energetic blocks stopping your Gut from performing at its peak……and much, much more

You’ll come away from the ‘Gut Reset’ workshop feeling healthier, calmer and energised. You’ll also know all about your Gut and how to ‘Reset’ it with nutrition and lifestyle. And, most importantly, the unconscious stress that’s stopping your Gut from being its healthiest will be gone!


To book your place at this ground-breaking workshop, just give us a call on the number below.