Integrative and Holistic Physician, Dr Price, highlights the powerful impact that emotions, self-beliefs and thoughts have on brain function and hormone regulation - and how addressing the underlying neurological stress can re-set the brain to produce balanced levels of key female hormones so that joy, pleasure and happiness can be felt once again. 

In this video, popular Integrative and Holistic Physician, Dr Price, explains the impact of unhelpful emotions, poor self-beliefs and negative thoughts on hormone production and regulation. She also explains how women can regain their feminine power and re-connect with who they are as women.  

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When: Saturday 25 August 2018 Timings: 10.00 am - 5.30 pm Where: Everness Summit - 315 Monaro Road Mudgeeraba What to Bring: a pen and a plate of healthy food to share for lunch  


Dr Zung Vu (Price) Integrative Medical Practitioner & Director Beyond Good Health Clinic 

Do You Feel Like You’ve Lost the Real You?

If you’re like many modern women, you feel disconnected from your own femininity. You feel less of a woman - and more like a worker, family manager, business person, cook and housekeeper. You feel out of sorts emotionally - unbalanced - out of touch with who you should be as a woman…  

You yearn to feel feminine again - and use your innate and powerful female energies to nurture and care for those around you in a way that makes you feel great about yourself.  

Many women who have disconnected from their feminine natures think things like:  

  • ‘I have to compete with men to succeed’ 
  • ‘Sex is a chore’
  • ‘I have Low Libido'
  • ‘I don’t feel attractive any more’
  • ‘I don’t feel sexy’
  • ‘I have lost connection with who I am as a woman’
  • ‘I don’t know who I am any more’  


What Happens To Your Hormones When You Disconnect From Your Feminine Power?

You, your self-beliefs, your emotions AND your hormones are all intimately interconnected. Experimental studies continue to show a very strong link between our beliefs, our emotions and our hormone production. For example, when you feel required to ‘show up’ and compete (rather than cooperate) at work, oestrogen levels drop, ovulation is affected, and inflammatory cytokines increase - causing weight gain, creating sagging skin, and inducing feelings of depression. This process continues when you return home and feel like your being taken advantage of - and your innate desire to love and feel loved has to be put aside. Emotionally and mentally you lose a sense of who you are as a woman. Physically, your hormonal output becomes erratic and imbalanced…  

The Result?

  • Sadness and Depression
  • Low Moods and Mood Swings
  • Weight Gain
  • Poor Skin and Hair
  • Low Libido
  • Premature Ageing  

How Can You Turn This Around?

If you address the underlying cause of your hormonal imbalances - the neurological stress that occurs when limiting beliefs and unhelpful emotions take control of us - then you can regain your femininity… You can connect again to your own personal feminine power - that beautiful energy you were born with and that’s unique to you as a woman…  

You can enjoy and appreciate your body and the pleasure and joy that come from feeling great about yourself - exactly how you are…  

You can become the REAL YOU again!  

In this ground-breaking workshop, you’ll…

  • CLEAR a massive number of SUBCONSCIOUS BLOCKS that are silently preventing you from being able to accept and love yourself for who you are as a woman…  
  • ADDRESS NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL, SELF-BELIEF AND SPIRITUAL ISSUES that are impacting on your hormone levels and sabotaging your ability to experience pleasure, joy and happiness…  

What you’ll experience…

  • Unique, energy medicine activations that will calm areas of your brain and body responsible for hormone production and regulation, so you will feel more feminine and emotionally balanced…  
  • Specific clearing exercises to help you regain your sense of worth as a woman… Clear negative emotional, mental and energetic blocks that are affecting your hormone regulation……and much, much more…  


When you attend our ‘Happy Hormones’ Workshop, you’ll also receive - ABSOLUTELY FREE:

  • Specially Prepared Conscious Health Integration Drops. Energised with specific hormone-balancing frequencies, this specialised tonic will help continue your transformation after the workshop. Our surprise gift to you…