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Helio Matahari

Helio Matahari Conscious Health Inventor Energy Healing Practitioner

In this short video, Dr Price explains what subconscious parental programming is, how it was developed - and how it’s affecting you and your health now. You’ll also learn the signs that will alert you to whether you need to clear your parental programming.


When: Saturday 30 June 2018  

Timings: 10.00 am - 5.00 pm  

Where: Everness Summit - 315 Monaro Road Mudgeeraba

Cost: only $499 per person (bring someone else for half price - only $250 for each additional family member or friend)  

What to Bring: a pen and a plate of healthy food to share for lunch  

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World-first workshop…

  • Seven hours of energetic treatment, clearings and transformation  
  • With two world experts on physical and energetic healing  
  • Small-Group  
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  • One Focus: You  
  • Ancient healing wisdom and cutting-edge technology and tools 


You don’t control your life - your subconscious parental programming does… 

  • How’s your relationship with your mum and dad? Do you get triggered by them?
  • Have you had difficulties over the years dealing with their demands, expectations, manipulations and beliefs when it comes to you?  
  • Do you worry that you’re becoming your mum or dad?  
  • Do you know that you behave in ways that remind you of them - but you can’t stop yourself?  
  • If you feel this way, don’t think you’re alone - most people are significantly affected by parental programming. Subconscious parental programming are those beliefs, values, and expectations installed into us when we were very young - usually below the age of seven.  

Parental subconscious programming affects our ‘heart’

Subconscious parental programming can impact our sense of self-worth, confidence and ability to achieve success - as well as our relationships.  

It also affects our ‘heart field’ - that energy field that functions around and through our physical hearts. When we have ‘heart field’ issues - they can show up as physical heart health problems, as well as deep emotional ones.  

Many people with heart issues are not actually dealing with physical causes; rather, they are often dealing with some level of heartbreak or unresolved emotional pain.  

Negative emotions from parental issues can make us sick

We all know that negative emotions can take their toll on our mind and spirit, but studies show that negative emotions can also suppress the immune system, increase stress levels and cause the heart to beat faster, blood pressure to rise, and even change the heart’s electrical stability - all of which can lead to heart disease and stroke.

This is because the way we respond to the events in our lives largely comes from our parental programming. You see, our parents taught us either to respond to events with with fear or a positive resilient attitude; in fact, they installed in us all our beliefs, values and how we interact with others and the world. This is why family members often suffer the same health problems, view the world similarly, have similar levels of success, and have common self-beliefs.

The problem in a nutshell…

  • The thing is - most of us don’t want to become our parents - we want to choose our own path in life! We want to think, believe, feel and behave in ways that meet our current desires.
  • But very few of us know how to change our parental programming…
  • When we clear subconscious parental programming, we are free again - free from the influences of childhood and free from the obligations and expectations of others. We won’t end up being our parents later in life, and more importantly, we regain our true power and purpose.
  • Clearing this subconscious programming also positively impacts the ‘heart field’ and helps our physical heart to stay well and healthy. 
  • To learn more about parental programming and its effect on your health, click HERE.  


Signs of negative parental programming include: 

  • Feeling like you’re becoming your mum or dad  
  • Automatically doing things that your mum and dad do but you can’t stop  
  • Having negative behaviours, thoughts or emotions that you can’t control  
  • Having fears or negative beliefs that you know come from your childhood  
  • Having a poor quality relationship with your parents  
  • Feeling stressed, sad, angry or depressed when you think about, talk to or see your parents 

So, if you’re suffering from any of these issues, maybe it’s time you addressed your parental programming by attending ‘Heal Your Heart’

Dr Price’s powerful ‘Heal Your Heart’ workshop

In a World-First move, internationally renowned Dr Price has teamed up with famed Energy Healer and Inventor, Mr Helio Matahari, to conduct a full-day workshop to deal with those negative subconscious programs installed in us when we were young.  

The underlying issue in parental programming - energetic blocks…

  • When your subconscious parental programming runs counter to what you consciously want out of life now, it causes internal stress and neurological confusion. This stress and confusion create energetic blocks, which can lead to physical and emotional illnesses.
  • When health is addressed first from an ‘energetic’ perspective and subconscious blocks cleared - then the body is freed to heal on the physical level. When these blocks are removed, physical improvement is much quicker and more permanent.
  • And in ‘Heal Your Heart’ this is exactly what Dr Price and Helio Matahari will do for you - clear the subconscious blocks that are keeping you locked into behaving like your parents.

In this ground-breaking workshop, you’ll... 

  • CLEAR a massive number of SUBCONSCIOUS BLOCKS relating to parental programming that are silently preventing you from choosing a life path that is truly your own  
  • ADDRESS NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL, SELF-BELIEF AND SPIRITUAL ISSUES that relate to parental programming and are stopping you from having the life that you want and deserve 

What you’ll experience…

  • Unique, energy medicine activations to accelerate your heart’s self-healing capacities, so you will feel healthier and more energetic  
  • Specific clearing exercises to activate ‘heart field’ power, as well as regain emotional calm and balance  
  • Clear negative emotional, mental and energetic blocks from parental programming that are stopping you from enjoying the level of health that you want……and much, much more…  

You’ll come away from the ‘Heal Your Heart’ workshop feeling healthier, calmer and energised. You’ll also know all about parental programming and its impact on your health. And, most importantly, the subconscious parental programming stress that’s stopping you from enjoying true health and wellbeing will be gone!  

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When you attend ‘Heal Your Heart’, you’ll also receive - ABSOLUTELY FREE:

  • Specially Prepared Conscious Health Integration Drops - charged with specific energetic healing frequencies, this specialised tonic will help continue your body’s healing after the workshop - both physically and energetically. Our gift to you…  


  • To book your place at ‘Heal Your Heart’

To Save Up To 40% While You Transform, Check Out Our Amazing Package Deals