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Beyond Good Health’s integrative medicine – Mind Body Bliss Program is personalized for each client and treatments are based entirely on his or her unique individual requirements.

When was the last time:

  • Your energy level seemed limitless?
  • Your enthusiasm for life was contagious?
  • Your figure looked awesome, even to you?
  • You felt completely relaxed and cheerful?
  • You felt completely alive physically, mentally and emotionally?
  • You felt spiritually composed, serene and fulfilled?
  • You jumped for sheer joy at being fully alive?

You are younger than you may feel and look

Most people feel and look older than their chronological age for the simple fact that they age at a pace dictated by a barrage of life-damaging physical and mental factors – toxins, carcinogens, stress, tension, trauma – that inhibit and retard overall health and wellness: environmental and behavioral pollutants that trigger epigenetic changes in the synchronicity of your biological clock that invariably speed up the ageing process: causing life to wind down in a spiral of distress, disease, debility, dementia and death.

Switch from shadow to substance – the true You

The adverse factors that retard health and wellness surface on every plane and level of one’s being, manifesting in a variety of undesirable effects. Biorhythms

are disturbed, circadian cycles disrupted, neurological functions diverted, brain-wave patterns distorted, molecular activity derailed; and your entire existence is devalued to a shadow of its true substance. Regaining and recovering lost vitality by harnessing, concentrating and releasing your body’s innate self-healing and regenerating properties and anti-ageing processes will restore you to your natural best – your birthright – and propel you into the

“golden age” of your life … Whatever your chronological age may be …

What has happened to you isn’t entirely your own fault or doing

In the 21st century – the third millennium – our usually robust immune systems are being challenged in ways our ancestors’ never were. Most of us are under tremendous, unrelieved stress: assaulted and abused on all sides by high-pressure careers; toxic chemicals; adulterated junk foods; unmitigated reactions to substances; hidden health hazards; damaging lifestyles and behavioral habits and much more. Obviously, unless we seek help from healing experts, our beleaguered immune systems – progressively bruised and battered – will ultimately face breakdown.

Your body knows best about beauty and the beast

The good news is that epigenetic change leaves your underlying DNA sequence untouched, its regenerating power and potential ready and waiting to respond to the slightest life-enhancing influence – with more alacrity, be assured, than when forced to resort to producing kamikaze free radicals. Given the chance, your body can and will rejuvenate and regain lost vim, vigor and vitality. Taking that simple step – of letting your body work its inborn magic – is entirely up to you …

The best of both worlds – and more … Providentially, body and behavior share the happy facility of balancing in total mutually beneficial and reinforcing harmony. And it doesn’t require a stressful routine and strict regimen of dieting, exercise or mental calisthenics, either. On the contrary, all it takes is a taste of the elixir of equilibrium and equanimity – that subordinates, exploits and transcends environment – for biologically advantageous behavior to become firmly established as “second nature” and an enjoyable constant. The illusory pleasures of life-damaging habits – like material objects – pale in comparison with the pure and purifying joy of right living: because, contrary to popular fallacy, true healing is never bitter medicine; it always tastes divine.

All o’ therapy: How to have your cake and eat it

One of the most disturbing features of modern-day medicine and health care is the deep division and distrust between “mainstream” and “alternative” schools and modalities of diagnosis and treatment; with “orthodox” practitioners fighting a fierce rearguard action against the encroachments – or rather, resurgence – of “traditional” methods.

Consequently, long-established treatment disciplines such as homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractics and chelation therapy are viewed as “borderline” or “complementary” at best – even though based on accepted theory, systematical knowledge, strict methodology, extensive clinical experience and demonstrable efficacy; while other proven health treatments – such as reflexology, aromatherapy, acupuncture, qi gong, herbal remedies, ayurveda and yogic solutions – are dismissed as unscientific “fads” and “trends”.

Beyond Good Health, on the other hand, extracts and weaves the heterogeneous strands of all disciplines into a syncretistic, holistic healing system of integrative health and wellness solutions.

We Treat People, Not Diseases

Beyond Good Health’s integrative medicine is personalized for each client and treatments are based entirely on his or her unique individual requirements. Because our immune systems respond to environmental pressures in varying characteristic ways, individualized integrative medicine is the best way to achieve significant results that make a lasting impact and restorative, revitalizing difference to your physical, physiological and psychological health and overall wellbeing.

We’ll help you identify the causes of your puzzling symptoms

Given the right information and tools, you’ll be able to heal quickly and engage energetically in all activities of life again. Beyond Good Health uncovers and roots out the causes that confused your immune system and pushed it into overdrive, sparking a toxic stew of chemicals and hormones that wreak havoc on your health (and happiness) on every level: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically … and even spiritually …

Your Health Journey with Beyond Good Health

Our Seven Keys to vibrant wellness will unlock your “misfiring” immune system and re-program it to target real health threats and issues while letting go of conditioned auto-responses and hyperactive programming. We’ll explore and explain how each of the seven keys beneficially affects your mood, behavior, energy levels, performance, attention, memory and overall body and brain function.We’ll explain and conduct specialized tests that identify your specific health challenges and problems; isolate subliminal health inhibitors and factors retarding or subverting natural defense mechanisms; and eliminate obstacles to your natural recuperative powers and recovery processes.

After a thorough analysis and evaluation of your health status and the underlying causes and therapeutic requirements of your health challenges, we’ll identify which of the seven keys should be used to address them and develop a comprehensive, customized health and wellness program: an individualized blueprint fine-tuned to restore your vitality, mental clarity and zest for living with on-target health and wellness enhancing strategies and solutions – naturally.

And the best part is, you can count all “side effects” of our natural therapeutics as beneficial bonuses. That’s the beauty of holistic health enhancement with Beyond Good Health.

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