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Whole body hyperthermia aims to raise your core body temperature to a mild fever (anywhere between 38 – 39.5 degrees C).

Normally, when your body has a fever it is trying to fight an infection in the body, so by inducing a fever through Hyperthermia treatments, we are trying to induce the bodies natural response to fight disease and reduce or kill any nasty cells in your body. 

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What conditions may benefit from Hyperthermia treatments?

Hyperthermia treatments may be used alone or in conjunction with IV nutrients to treat and support many areas of health. Scientific studies show benefit of hyperthermia treatments in areas such as:

– Cancers

– Re-activating and rebalancing the immune response

– Improving recovery and detoxification from toxic therapies

– Improving the efficacy of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and antibiotic therapy

(and more!).

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