We all have intuitive powers but they are manifested in us in varying degrees, and for most of us these lie rather dormant. Through practice you can awaken these abilities and start to use them in your daily life. Intuitive Energy Testing is an excellent means to connect with your inner wisdom and your higher self.  



When: Saturday 16th November 2019 Timings: 9.30 am - 5.00 pm Where: Tallai Energy Healing & QiGong Centre: 9 Mewsdale Row, Tallai QLD 4213 What to Bring: a pen and lunch  

Bojan Zimmermann

Presenter/Trainer: Bojan Zimmermann Energy Medicine Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, QiGong Master, Founder of the ACS System  


Guest Speaker: Dr Dzung Price Integrative & Holistic Doctor, Naturopath, Energy Healing Specialist, Medical Intuitive and Director of Beyond Good Health Clinics 

Do You Wish You Could Uncover The Truth About Your Health And The Health Of Those Around You?

A Sick Loved One. 

Imagine for a moment that when you felt sick, or someone you cared about suffered a health problem, you could accurately and consistently uncover the truth about the root causes of their issue.  

How would that change your life? 

  • Would you then be able to work out what was needed to be done to get them the best treatment possible?  
  • Would it get them better, faster?  
  • Would that make you feel empowered and confident?  
  • Would you feel safe in the knowledge that you could really help them and yourself whenever you needed it?  

A Trip to the Health Food Store. 

Now, imagine you’re at the Health Food Store. You’re there to get some nutritional supplements to help a loved one get better from a sickness. You see dozens and dozens of vitamins, minerals, herbals - tablets, sprays, liquids and powders.  

You look at the prices and you see just how much everything costs.  

What do you do?  

What if you could ‘tune-in’ to the person you were getting the supplements for and then quickly and easily test for supplements that could help them get better.  

How would that change your life?  

  • Would they get better, faster?
  • Would you save money?
  • Would you feel strong, confident and empowered to help yourself and others?


A Tough Decision. 

Now imagine for a moment that you’ve got a tough decision to make. You’re confused because each option in front of you has good points and bad points - but you’re not clear what’s going to be the best for you and your family in the long run.  

What do you do?

What if you had some tools that you could use that would help identify truth as it related to yours and your family’s highest good?  

Tools that could give you clarity - and enable you to continue to identify truth as you faced ongoing issues in your life. 

How would that change your life?

  • Would you feel relaxed and calm in the face of uncertainty knowing that you had the power to make decisions accurately and consistently? 
  • Would you feel empowered and in control of your life and your destiny?
  • Would you feel more trusting of your own intuitive skills in every part of your life? If you can see yourself in these situations and you’d like the power to be in greater control of your life, then you need to attend Dr Price’s ‘Empower Your Intuition’ Workshop.

A Healthy Balance of Theory and Practice

This workshop is recommended if you are a beginner to pendulum dowsing, but also if you are interested in psychic development in general.  

As well as the theory, you’ll spend a lot of time actually using the pendulum. You are welcome to bring your own pendulum if you already have one, but we will also have pendulums available for you to borrow (or purchase) on the day.  

In this practical workshop, you’ll…

Learn to use the biosensor and pendulum in a variety of ways related to health, energy and healing, including: 

  • Finding which foods suit you best
  • Diagnosing vitamin requirements
  • Tapping your intuitive and psychic powers
  • Testing for environmental health threats like EMFs and using it as a diagnostic aid for alternative therapies  

Your Investment:  

(offer ends Sunday 3rd Nov.)

If you have any questions, please give us a call on (07) 5522 8902, we're happy to answer all questions you may have.


When: Saturday 16th November 2019 Timings: 9.30 am - 5.00 pm Where: Tallai Energy Healing & QiGong Centre: 9 Mewsdale Row, Tallai QLD 4213 What to Bring: a pen and lunch