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Kinesiology will help improve your health naturally, get free of pain and increase your energy with the Gold Coast & Brisbane’s leading Kinesiologist

You deserve to be free of pain, feel more energy and have reduced stress and anxiety. Book an appointment with our leading Gold Coast & Brisbane Kinesiologists to boost your health naturally and holistically.

Meet Our Kinesiologist

Nicole Franek


Nicole’s passion & empathic nature for helping and understanding people lead her to pursue a career in Psychology & Counselling. During this time, she studied and mastered Kinesiology modalities in Australia, America and Great Britain. Nicole now assists with teaching Kinesiology in Queensland.

Nicole also specialises in Vibrational Medicine, Reiki and Sound Healing. She has undertaken further study in the modalities of Mindfulness Therapy, Acupressure, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).


Mashenka Barlag


Mashenka is a kinesiologist, and body work Practitioner with a passion for empowerment.  She has recently been awarded the title of “Top Ten Energy Healers of 2019”  by Energy Healers Magazine.

She explains that our bodies are forever wanting to communicate what our soul requires, whether it be structural, chemical, emotional or spiritual. The body has innate healing energy & is doing its best to care for itself, but sometimes needs assistance to achieve this state. Using muscle response testing, it is possible to have a conversation with your body on where there is an imbalance and what is required to restore harmony and grace.

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