Dr Sairaah Govindan Haridas

Integrative Medical Doctor


Dr Sairaah Govindan Haridas is a registered General Practitioner Medical Doctor and Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners.  In addition to her years of work as a General Practitioner, she has special interests in Paediatrics, Chronic Disease Management, and Mental Health.

But – over the past decade, Dr Sairaah has also developed specialist skills in Integrative and Holistic Medicine, and her personal story of healing through alternative therapies was the catalyst for this change of approach as a doctor.

A number of years ago, one of Dr Sairaah’s family members fell very ill.  Despite getting the very best conventional care that there was to offer, this much-loved family member didn’t improve.  Then, one day, one of Dr Sairaah’s patients, an energetic healer, intuited the problem and offered to help treat the family member.

Surprised and taken aback by this offer, but inspired by the possibility of a healing, Dr Sairaah allowed the treatment to take place.  And the results were amazing!  Progress, unable to be achieved by the very best Conventional Medical Specialists, was experienced from the very first treatment session with this alternative healer.

Inspired and elated by what seemed like a miracle to her, Dr Sairaah began her own search for healing techniques that would really ‘work’ so that she could help her much-loved patients.

Training and experience in a variety of alternative therapies ensued – such as Pranic Healing (where Universal Energy is drawn upon and concentrated to help a person heal) and Theta Healing (where intuitive powers are used to diagnose and support a patient’s treatment).

As a result of these experiences, Dr Sairaah has developed her own philosophy of holistic health which is:

“The unseen aspects of our lives – our emotions, our beliefs, our relationships and our degree of personal fulfilment (our soul’s desires) – are not only the origin of much of our illness, they are also the cause of incredible health and wellbeing.  When we deal with such ‘deeper’ issues, we can clear the underlying causes of illness and re-experience physical health and vitality, as well as a joy and purpose in life that we never thought possible.  People heal themselves easily and effortlessly once they feel safe, have the right guide, and address their personal soul issues…”

So, if you wish to move beyond band aids and merely treating symptoms, and reach the heart of your health and happiness, then Dr Sairaah, a highly professional, caring, supportive doctor will guide you on the path back to vibrant, energetic health and true personal happiness.

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Dr Sairaah Govindan Haridas

Integrative Medical Doctor

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