helio-matahariHelio Matahari


Helio has invented and refined a uniquely effective path to unlock what he describes as “long chain neuro-muscular holding patterns.”

“These neuro- muscular patterns are usually created at times of shock and trauma or at times of intense emotional anxiety all of which encode dysfunctional holding patterns at the level of the unconscious.”

These can manifest as symptoms of neuro reactivity between – Skeletal muscles or muscle groups: posture, structural misalignments, holding patterns e.g. whiplash; eye muscles affecting vision, eyestrain and twitching; intestinal tract valving, peristalsis, tension; urogenital dysfunction and control; reproductive system dysfunction, cycle timing and cramping; and sexual neuro-emotional/neuromuscular factors

Helio’s latest work brings frequency medicine into the realm of brainwave study in conjunction with biofeedback.
Helio’s healing philosophy is based on the self-responsibility/ self-healing model. Pragmatically, he teaches his patients to calm and clear their own nervous system through a series of exercises and coaching sessions so that they can in the future deal with most of the small “nervous system errors” themselves. By this way, his sessions are deeply remedial and more effective.

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