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Dr. Dzung Price, Integrative Medical Practitioner, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, MBBS (Hons) FRACGP, Dip Fam Planning


With nearly three decades of conventional and integrative medicine experience helping people with hormone, gut and autoimmune conditions, Dr Price has continued to explore the frontiers of what it takes to get to the bottom of “challenging illnesses” and take people beyond the bandaids, beyond the drugs and beyond the labels.

With her special blend of general medicine and holistic healing, she has a unique ability to help people get well.  As well as a conventionally trained Medical Doctor, she is also a Naturopath, a Nutritionist, and a Herbalist, and a Specialist in many Energy Healing Modalities.  This amazing range of skills enables her to ‘tap into’ whatever approach she considers will be most helpful for her individual patient at the time using her finely honed intuitive abilities to get to the root cause of many disease or symptom presentation.  This means that her patients get better – faster.

Decades of experience dealing with incredibly complex cases have taught her the importance of addressing emotional, environmental and energetic issues.  As she often says, ‘The energetic informs the physical’ – Dr Price also acknowledges the unseen energy fields that surround the physical body and influence its health.  By using special tools and techniques to align the ‘energetic’ with the physical body, she achieves rapid transformation for her patients – not only of their physical health – but also their passion for fulfilling their own personal reason for being here on Earth. 

Dr Price has found over the past 27 years in medical practice that most of the body’s chronic symptoms are merely messages that need to be gently decoded to find the deeper meaning and beliefs underlying the illness or disease.  These have often been created by a lifetime of adverse experiences and childhood conditioning that also need to be healed.  As these are addressed, healing is both rapid and complete as the patient embraces self love, self mastery and empowerment.

Maybe her passion for healing has its origins in her own difficult experiences during childhood and later in life.  As a child, she escaped war-torn Vietnam where she saw pain, injury and death all around.  As a cancer survivor and having healed herself from Adrenal Collapse and Hashimoto Thyroiditis, she understands, firsthand, what it’s like to have difficult health problems.  And she’ll be the first one to acknowledge that each of these difficult experiences has taught her valuable lessons about how to help her patients.

Dr Price now works on the Gold Coast as an integrative medical doctor helping individuals who suffer from hormone, gut and autoimmune illnesses to recover their health and vitality.  She walks alongside her patients to help uncover the root causes of their illnesses and then guides them to use the natural healing capacities of their mind, body and spirit so that they can feel whole, healthy and happy again.  Her caring support helps her patients to reduce their worry, stress, overwhelm and confusion over their illnesses. 

Dr Price lives with her partner at “Everness Summit” a 15-acre Gold Coast hinterland property surrounded by gorgeous national parks.  An avid gardening enthusiast and naturalist, she is currently involved in creating a thriving permaculture community garden at Everness based on “Back to Eden” concepts to support healthy, self-sustainable lifestyle.  In her spare time she loves to intuitively paint and practise yoga, qi gong, tai chi, swimming, and free flowing five rhythm dancing. 


  • Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Honours)
  • Postgraduate medical training in Nutrition and Environmental Medicine
  • Bachelor of Naturopathy: certificates in Nutrition, Western Herbal Medicine
  • Certified Practitioner of Dr Ed Kondrot’s ‘Healing the Eye Naturally’ program (the only certified practitioner in Australia)
  • Completed Dr Walsh’s Bio Balance training (for mental health conditions)
  • Anti-ageing & Regenerative Medicine
  • Bio-energetic Medicine Practitioner (numerous technology types)
  • Homotoxicology Practitioner (also in biomesotherapy)
  • Master Neurolink Practitioner
  • Matrix Energetics Practitioner
  • Qualified Theta Healing Practitioner
  • Diamond Light Practitioner
  • Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


  • Your Allergy Free Child”
  • 7 Day Detox Guide”
  • Younger, Healthier Skin at Any Age”
  • General Practice: the Integrative Approach” (contributing author)

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Dr. Zung Rosita Vu (Dzung Price)

Integrative Medical Practitioner, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist

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