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Chronic Lower Back Pain…Released!
“I’m Penelope D.. I’m an NLP Master practitioner and I was referred to Bojan for a specific chronic lower back problem. I’ve come to see Bojan for probably 3 or 4 sessions and I have found Bojan’s treatments to be extremely effective. I have suffered from lower back pains for 18 long months with agonising constants and consistent lower back pains. It has really interfered with the quality of my life and my sleep. I have gone from practitioner to practitioner to practitioner and have not been able to find an answer to this…..”
Penelope D.

Hunsband over the moon! – “Cranky old witch” becomes, loving, easy going wife without the sleeping, energy & diabetic problems of the past. 

Marilyn P., Gold Coast“My name is Marilyn Purnell and I am 57 years of age, and I came to Dr Price at the Beyond Good Health Clinic feeling very low. In fact, I was very low [mood], I was lacking energy, I was having incredibly sleepless nights and I couldn’t understand why because I was diagnosed with Diabetes two years ago and I have been on the most incredibly healthy diet and yet I was still lacking in energy and feeling so down. I came to the Beyond Good Health Clinic and was so relieved to be talking to a doctor who was taking a holistic approach instead of just dealing with sleeplessness with a sleeping pill or my low moods with medication.

So it was a great comfort that at last I found someone that would take a holistic approach on my health. I was then referred to her Naturopath, who went through a series of sensitivities assessment and program because I was found to react to many of these wonderful foods that I was eating. Here I was eating all my green leafy vegetables, lovely hormone-free chickens and meats and my system was treating them like they were a toxin. So after a couple of sessions, my sensitivities and food reactions were reprogrammed and all my nutritious foods and efforts were going to good use in my body, making me feel fantastic.

So I basically went from 1 to 10 with low moods to a feeling of wellbeing. My energy levels went from 0 to 4 within 2 days, then 5, then 6 and so on… and I have really just leveled off to this wonderful state of well being. My sleep patterns have improved out of sight, my energy levels have returned, my husband is incredibly happy because I am no longer this grouchy, cranky old witch and I just wake up every morning feeling “Wow, this is a great day and I am going to enjoy it” whereas before I would wake up thinking, “Oh my God, I am still here”. So I would thoroughly recommend the Beyond Good Health Clinic and their staff and I really feel that it has transformed my life.”

Marilyn P., Gold Coast

“Hi, my name is Astrid Kennedy, I came to see Dr Price in September 06, I had severe anger, high blood pressure, I was suffering from Hot Flushes and I had a very bad or rather, an intense Skin Inflammation which I was suffering for years. During the last 6-7 months, I have been treated for a number of sensitivities which I didn’t know I had, my blood pressure reduced dramatically, it is now normal. My skin issues has amazingly cleared. My anger has just about disappeared, I’m now living a much more stress-free life, I have more energy, my thinking is clearer and I can handle situations as they come instead of building walls before the situations happen. I recommend this Clinic to those who are suffering from these symptoms.”

Astrid K., Gold Coast

Ex Stroke Victim discards walking stick, is able to drive again & has enery to burn! 
“I’ve not only lost 10kgs, I’m no longer lethargic & irritible & the programme wasn’t difficult to follow at all!”

How I look and feel now compared to when I started is like chalk and cheese! Now I’ve lost 10 kilos, I can’t believe how I got around feeling so clogged, lethargic and frustrated and now I’ve got energy to burn. This really is the fast track to getting healthy.”

Murray Priestley, Benowa, Gold Coast

Successfully treated all my illness – stomach cramps, stress, low moods & headaches.
Kathlyn Hemingway, Indooroopilly Ashgrove Clinic“Hi, I am Kathy, I have been coming to this Clinic on and off for 2 years for a few problems and for maintenance, but this year I had everything, you name it, I had it.

I had really painful stomach spasms, couldn’t sleep, stressed moody, period problems, and headaches. Through the help of the centre here, I have actually given up smoking, my stomach pains have cleared up, I have got more energy and I am feeling a lot better. Although I still have a bit of way to go, I have gotten rid of a lot of initial problems and now I am going onto the next step – a maintenance wellness program.

I really have seen a huge difference whereas, at the beginning of the year, I was severely low [mood] because of all my health problems. And I was trying to rectify them all by myself but nothing was working. So through the team, I have had the Sensitivities Program, nutritional treatments, herbal medicines, detoxification programme which have really helped me so much. I can’t believe that I am at this great stage, considering that at the beginning of the year, I was ready to lie down and forget about everything – it was all too hard due to all my health problems. I feel heaps better and brighter now. So I highly recommend these treatments.”
Kathlyn Hemingway, Indooroopilly QLD

Severe tiredness & migraines all gone!

“I was able to sail smoothly through the protocols; resulting in considerable weight loss, increased energy levels, and much improved body health. I lost 15kgs quickly and easily.I recommend this program to anyone who seriously wants to regain good health, fat loss, and self-esteem!”
Julie, Gold Coast

I can now eat aht I like and really enjoy being able to eat out at restuarants again!

Trish Collins“My name is Trish Collins. When I first came to the Beyond Good Health clinic in May 2004, I was suffering from chronic fatigue, aches and pain (arthritis), forgetfulness/cloudy foggy head, difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings, abdominal pains with most foods and lack of motivation to exercise. I was feeling as though working full-time was too much and I would either have to retire early or cut back to part-time work.

I could barely eat any solid foods and my diet was extremely limited, restricted to pureed vegetables, as I was reacting to most foods with gut ache and constant diarrhoea. I was even reacting to I also suffered from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis for many years and hair analysis revealed high levels of heavy metal toxicity.

I commenced the treatment programme with Dr Price which involved quite a degree of commitment and perseverance but I was determined and it was so worth it! With the Sensitivities Program and supportive natural treatments, I gradually was able to introduce more variety of foods to my diet and I noticed a huge improvement in energy levels and a significant reduction in my joint pains, and the foggy in my head disappeared. After 12 months, my thyroid antibodies have reduced from over 2000 to 500. My heavy metal load have significantly reduced. I can now EAT WHAT I LIKE and really enjoy being able to eat out at restaurants again, without suffering from constant diarrhoea, vomitting and abdominal pains. My biggest breakthrough came after attending Dr Price’s Emotional Freedom workshop and learning to empower myself with tools to assist me in reprogramming my past emotional issues and releasing emotional blockages.

An immensely improved health and emotional wellbeing has greatly assisted me in my intimate relationship with my long suffering husband of 25 years! With Dr Price and the Beyond Good Health team, I have taken part in natural therapies and Natural Hormone treatments, Sensitivities Program, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Neurological Integration System (NIS). I now feel the best I have felt for over 10 years. I am pain free, active and working full-time with zest for life. My memory and brain function is so improved. I am clear headed and functioning well. I now have regained my energy to enjoy life. I am very very grateful.

Trish Collins Nerang, QLD

PMS, Hormonal Mood Swings – Abolished!
“My initial symptoms were severe PMS, hormonal symptoms, bloated, prolonged periods, tiredness and very moody and cranky. Especially before my periods, I have suffered from these all of my life. I thought it was just part of being a woman and I had to put up with this. It was pointed out to me that women don’t have to live like this all the time.

After seeing Dr Price initially, within weeks, I started to see a marked improvement. After 10 months of treatment with various alternative therapies, the sensitivities program and the hormonal balancing program, there was a huge change in myself. I was no longer moody due to my PMS. My hormones were starting to be at levels where they should be.

My periods went from 6 days of heavy bleeding down to 3. I was feeling 100% better. My energy and wellbeing are at an all time high. My overall health has improved dramatically!Be prepared to be patient. Things won’t happen immediately but they will definitely improve.“

Angela C., Brisbane

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