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Have you ever felt like you really needed help with your health – from someone who is not just a holistic health expert – but also someone who’ll care about you as an individual?  If  so, you’ve found the right place!

Our Services

At Beyond Good Health, our team of exceptional, professional practitioners will care for you as an individual; helping you to get better – faster; and supporting you on a healing journey from where you are right now to true wellness: Mind, body and soul.

Holistic Doctor

Gold Coast’s leading integrative and holistic doctor will help you increase energy naturally, overcome fatigue, reduce stress and boost your health


Boost your health naturally, overcome fatigue and improve women’s health with Gold Coast & Brisbane Best Naturopaths


We offer Natural health counselling/psychology support for weight loss, stress, anxiety and depression with our specialised Gold Coast Psychologist


Improve your health naturally, get free of pain and increase your energy with the Gold Coast & Brisbane’s leading Kinesiologist

Natural Hormonal Balancing

Everyone’s condition is unique so you will receive an individualised hormonal balancing program that caters to your personal needs based on your hormonal profile

Nutritional Therapy

Exert huge effects over the course of the disease. Supports the immune system and helps the body to endure medications/drugs, medical treatments or surgery

Popular Health Articles

What Makes The Best Diet?

Did you notice, most people are quite confused about what the heck they should be eating. If the answer would be easy, there wouldn’t be so many different diets out there. Thousands of nutrition and diet books are published every year promising solutions for weight-loss, diabetes, healthy-heart, detoxification, more energy and so on…

4 Key Secrets to Effectively Detox Yourself This Spring

And find out one of my favorite supplements that I take right now...  Did you know that you could detoxify your home, emotions, and even relationship? Detox is not just purely physical cleansing only… Every week I treat patients who need to detox – make their homes,...

The Amazing Health Benefits of Vital Health Greens

For more than a decade the green superfood powders have become very popular because of their powerful health benefits. Today you can find different brands online or in your local health food store. The so-called superfoods can help you achieve better health, support...

Courage, Fear And The Kidneys

Most of us may not be aware that once we are having difficulties in letting go of negative past emotions, our kidneys can be affected and may develop kidney disease symptoms. This is especially true if past emotions are not recognized and even suppressed. The main...

A very important message from Dr Price

I’m writing to you to talk to you about some very important changes I’m making in the way that I run my medical practice.
These changes will impact on the way in which I care for you, as well as my availability, so I wanted to write to you directly.

7 Easy Ways To Boost Your Energy Levels

Are you feeling sluggish and fatigued? Looking for healthy ways to boost your energy levels? We all want energy but in this fast-paced world, we often rely on sugar, caffeine and many other quick yet unhealthy fixes for energy boost, only to crash later. In this...

Get Rid Of Your Limiting Beliefs, Become a Healthier You, Achieve Everything You Want in Life

Are your beliefs creating your disease? Do you experience disease, struggle or ongoing challenges to health? Does your life seem too hard or emotionally overwhelming? Do you want to change but the old patterns never go away? Are you subconsciously sabotaging what you...

3 Tips to Stay Healthy In Challenging Times

Watch the video below to learn 3 Tips to Stay Healthy in Challenging Times           This Is What You Can Do Next If you’ve enjoyed this video and you want more valuable tips and support, then you can do 3 things right now. 1. Claim your free...

6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System And Protect Yourself

Did you know that in about 80 per cent of cases the lung disease Covid-19 (coronavirus) is relatively mild? This means, the majority of infected people only have mild cold symptoms, and many previously infected people are now healthy again.

Using QiGong to Release Your Body’s Own Medicine

Most people know QiGong as exercises including stretching, breathing techniques, slow movements, healing postures, self-massage and meditation

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